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To the beat of their own drum

In a sea of European powers, Switzerland are a team who are often present without necessarily leading the charge. They’re been to each of the last 3 World Cups, and despite a few notable results (including a victory over the revered Spain side of 2010) they have yet to leave a significant imprint. It would be foolish to discount them though, the team has talent throughout and recent results suggest they have it in them to surprise a few people.

The Switzerland home shirt has one of the most standout designs of the World Cup. Puma have gone with a topographical graphic, a rare source of inspiration but one which makes complete sense given the significance of mountains for the country. It’s not just a nice idea, the end result is a memorable shirt which looks great both from afar and close up. The away shirt follows Puma’s minimal, white approach. It’s simplistic but a nice contrast, completing a solid set of kits for the Rossocrociati.