Blågult - The Blue-Yellow

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No one is complaining that Sweden are at the World Cup. Though it’s been an on-off relationship over the years, the sea of yellow that follows the team when they reach the finals is guaranteed to be one of the enduring looks from any given summer. But the fact they knocked out the seemingly eternal Italy to get to Russia says a lot about how dangerous this team can be, and how they will be aiming to be far more than just a celebrated set of supporters.

Sweden will be lining up in the only way they know how, yellow. Far from being just any old Sweden shirt however, the latest design gets better the closer you are to it, with a very subtle tribute to the 1988 home shirt. Thin diagonal pinstripes and a geometric pattern, it makes for a tasteful look. Then for the away, we’ve got a more vanilla look with a deep blue and yellow colour pallette on one of adidas’ new templates. The crowds in Russia will be full of yellow and blue, but the Blågult will be hoping to make just as strong an impact on the field.