サムライ・ブルー - Samurai Blue

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Blue storm

The pride of a nation, any time Samurai Blue take to the field you can feel and see the impact they have. Over the years, though performances have ebbed and flowed, the distinctive blue of the team has graced pitches across the globe. With a growing number of players carving out solid careers across Europe, this is a wise and experienced team which has every chance of making an impact.

Japan are one of the most reliable teams when it comes to quality kits, and their new home shirt raises the bar even higher. A pattern inspired by the traditional Sashiko stitching technique covers the chest, giving rise to one of the best looks this summer. For the away shirt, adidas have gone with a pattern inspired by Japan shirts from 1991, and the various light grey shades look crisp. It’s quite simply one of the best home and away combinations you’ll see at the World Cup.