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Forget ‘66. Forget the golden generation. The latest iteration of England are hungry to carve their own path. There’s a lowered expectation this time round, strange to say given the usual euphoria that surrounds the team in the days leading up to a World Cup. However, the new generation of England are more humble than previous tournaments. There’s a steady determination about them, outlined by some positive results against the likes of Brazil and Germany in recent months.

The new England shirts are understated too. With the England home shirt a number of pleasing details can be found, easily missed at a first glance. The away shirt is the same, with a subliminal cross across the chest. Best of all is the bespoke typeface used across both shirts. Maybe this new, tempered expectation is exactly how England should be entering the World Cup. Maybe we’re just finding excuses. You can bet it’ll be memorable whatever happens.