Los Cafeteros - The Coffee Growers

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Colombia’s nickname is Los Cafeteros - The Coffee Growers. After slowly brewing in the background for a number of years, they returned to the World Cup with full force in 2014 to capture the hearts and minds of fans with their impressive performances. All that was good about them that year flowed through James Rodríguez and unlike 4 years ago when injury struck, he’ll be able to share some of the burden with his devastating countryman, Radamel Falcao.

adidas have outdone themselves this year with their efforts for Colombia, hitting all the right notes. The home calls back to Italia ‘90, and it’s modern-day equivalent is stunning, with red and blue stripes coming in diagonally from both sides, complete with black detailing to match the three stripes on top of the shirt. It’s just as good on the away side, with a new blue and orange palette and one of adidas’ best patterns this year across the left side of the chest.