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Vans Old Skool Trainers

A stone-cold classic. If you haven’t got a pair of these in your cupboard, then what are you playing at?! This timeless style is incredibly versatile and goes with almost any outfit you can think of. Discover your favourite pattern or colour, as there’s guaranteed to be a Vans for you here.

Browse men’s, women’s, kids’ sizes in a range of colours in an impressive selection of leather, suede and canvas uppers. Go Old Skool today!

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What are Vans Old Skool?

Brought to life by the skater scene of the ‘80s and ‘90s, the Vans Old Skool are one of the most instantly recognisable sneaker styles in the world. The flat, thick sole is a trademark of the silhouette, coupled with the Vans stripe on the upper.

Versatile due to their massive range of pattern, colour and material options, there is a Vans Old Skool which will go with pretty much anything you’re planning to wear! They’re comfortable enough for skateboarding all day, therefore comfortable enough to wear whilst treading the pavement all day too. 

How to lace Vans Old Skool

Loose laces

Perfect for a more relaxed look. Here’s how you do it:

  • Take both lace ends and put them through the top of the lowest two holes, but leave equal length left on both sides.
  • As you look down at the shoe, cross the lace over the tongue and put the left-hand lace into the top of the first available hole on the right. 
  • Do the same again with the right-hand lace and keep alternating until you’re done!
  • Remember to leave them unlaced and tug at the edges of the tongue area to loosen up the laces. This will help to give you a relaxed, loose fit.

Bar laces / horizontal laces

A stylish and complimentary lace style, fitting perfectly with the heritage silhouette of the Vans Old Skool. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Start by putting both lace ends through the bottom holes, making sure to leave equal amounts of lace left on both sides.
  • Move the left lace up and through the first available right-hand hole, with its end pointing upwards.
  • Take the right lace and run it upwards through the third eyelet on the left side of the shoe, missing out the second eyelet.
  • Take what has become the right lace, and cross over placing it downwards through the free (second) eyelet on the left side. This should make a straight bar lace.
  • Repeat this with the left-hand side. Continue to cross over and run through the empty spaces. This will give you three horizontal bar laces and a clean look!

How to clean Vans Old Skool

This really depends on which pair you own! Take a look at our mini guides below to each material and pattern.

Cleaning suede Vans Old Skool

  • Gently knock off any dried, loose dirt from the shoe with a soft brush
  • Blot any stains gently with mixed white vinegar and water (equal mix) but don’t wet the whole shoe
  • Use a magic eraser for marks on the rubber sole
  • Leave the shoes to air dry

Cleaning leather Vans Old Skool

  • Remove any dried dirt from the entire shoe with a shoe brush
  • Clean the leather with a leather cleaning gel or mix and a synthetic brush
  • Add a waterproofing product to finish
  • Leave the shoes to air dry

Cleaning canvas Vans Old Skool

  • Use a brush to remove any dirt gently from the entire shoe
  • Use warm, soapy water and a toothbrush to clean all areas
  • Spot-clean stubborn stains with stain remover, warm water and a mild detergent
  • Use a clean, damp cloth to remove any excess from the shoe
  • Leave the shoes to air dry

Cleaning checkered canvas Vans Old Skool

  • Lightly brush away any dried dirt and mud from the trainer
  • To avoid fading the checkered pattern, use a mix of warm water and cleaning solution or detergent and apply with a damp, clean cloth
  •  Use a circular scrubbing motion and when you’re happy with the result, used a damp, clean cloth to wipe away any excess foam
  • Leave to air dry

Can you wear Vans Old Skool in the rain?

If you own a pair of leather Vans Old Skool, they are going to hold up a little better in the rain than a pair of suede or canvas Vans. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear them in the rain or snow at all though! Try to make an effort to apply waterproof solutions to the upper of the shoe, this will help it to hold up better in wet conditions. In our opinion, Vans are best (or safest) worn as a good weather shoe.

How do Vans Old Skool fit?

Most people report that Vans Old Skool fit true to size and you can order your usual size! Because of the simple lacing system, it’s easy enough to loosely lace or tighten up the shoe to suit either a slightly wider or narrower foot for men, women and kids. 

Where to buy Vans Old Skool

At FOOTY.COM, it’s our job to gather deals from across the web for Vans Old Skool sneakers, it’s your job to pick a favourite pair and grab the lowest price. We have men’s, women’s and kids’ sizes in leather, suede and canvas Old Skools. Get some today!