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Reebok Classics

The Reebok Classic offers exactly what it says on the tin. Pretty much everyone will recognise those crisp white leather uppers, and these iconic trainers add a touch of elegance to any wardrobe. Compare prices on a huge selection of Classics below, including all kinds of fabrics and colourways in sizes for the whole family. 

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A timeless classic

There aren’t many trainers quite like the Reebok Classic. First released back in the early ‘80s, it’s fair to say that these shoes have certainly stood the test of time, proving just as popular today as they were 40 years ago. This is a clean and crisp retro style which just outright refuses to go away, and it’s a trainer which has more than lived up to its name over the years. 

Having said that, the Classic has come a long way since 1982, and you can now choose from a range of different colourways, fabrics and styles. Every single of these pays homage to the legendary OG in some way, but these simple designs have gradually evolved into one of the world’s most popular retro trainers

From the Reebok Classic Leather to the Club C and Classic Nylon, this collection has always exuded a sense of elegance and sophistication. You might not plonk them in your gym bag much anymore, but Reebok Classics offer premium materials, seamless everyday comfort and an irresistible throwback design. Yeah, people love them for a reason.

Are Reebok Classics back in fashion?

Back in? They never even went out of fashion. That’s the deal with a stone-cold classic like the Classic itself, it works with everything in every era. 

Do Reebok Classics fit true to size?

This trainer fits perfectly to size, there’s no issues of struggling to find your fit with the Reebok Classic. Every shoe is suitable for a range of foot shapes in both men’s and women’s sizes.

How to lace up Reebok Classics

This is entirely your choice! Go with a retro cross-lace and tie up with large bows, or opt for a more casual straight horizontal layout with tucked laces. It depends on which outfit you’re wearing on the day, or how you’re feeling. You can rest in comfort knowing the Reebok Classic looks good every way possible.

How to style Reebok Classics

The Classic is a stylish but simple shoe, suited for more casual wear. Couple up with almost anything but we reckon you should keep those suits and fancy dresses hung up when these kicks are out to play.