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Puma Thunder

Feel the thunder. Bursting with bright colours and an irresistible 90s style, the Puma Thunder has always managed to cook up a storm. This is a fun, chunky running shoe, with the Spectra, Desert and Electric models all serving up the ultimate “dad style”. Compare prices below and find your next pair today!

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What is Puma Thunder?

The Puma Thunder is the ultimate “dad shoe”. Featuring bold colour combinations and an incredibly chunky midsole, the Thunder Spectra burst onto the scene in early 2018 - and Puma haven’t really looked back since. 

Dripping with fantastic retro style, these modern classics deliver the kind of 90s throwback most of us simply can’t resist. These trainers are a wild storm of colour and textures, with the exaggerated bulkiness combining perfectly with more futuristic features and accents. This is a retro sneaker from the future. 

Inspired heavily by Puma’s famous collaborations with Alexander McQueen, the Thunder is nothing short of a chunky, unapologetic masterpiece. Dads, assemble! 

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Puma Thunder trainers are loud, but that doesn’t mean they have to be expensive. 

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