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Puma Suede Trainers

Discover huge savings on a timeless classic. Since the late 60s, Puma Suede trainers have been famous for their quality, style and stunning colourways, becoming one of the most iconic pieces of casual footwear ever made. Here you can compare prices on everything from the retro Classic to the edgy Platform, all in sizes for men, women and kids. 

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What is Puma Suede?

The Puma Suede is amongst the greatest trainers of all-time. 

Making its debut back in 1968, this was a shoe designed to break the mould and make an impact on various sports. The soft suede upper and durable rubber sole made it an immediate hit with athletes all over the world, while the collection has since become one of the most popular casual trainers on the planet. 

Over the years, the Puma Suede has introduced various new makeovers and iterations, with countless colourways, collaborations and silhouettes serving up something for all sneaker-heads. Through it all, however, these trainers have maintained the distinctive retro style we all fell in love with, and the Suede Classic is just as popular now as it was 50 years ago.  

Are They Comfortable?

Yes, Puma Suede trainers are famous for their comfort and high-quality materials, which is exactly why they’ve been so popular for so long. While they remain a perfectly viable option for playing a variety of sports, these trainers are ideal for kicking back and relaxing at home, since their sheer comfort has made them such an incredible lifestyle shoe. 

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