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Puma Cali Trainers

The Puma California will always be a timeless classic. Initially released in the early 1980s as a ground-breaking tennis shoe, the Cali has gradually become one of the most popular lifestyle trainers on the planet. With their chunky soles and serious retro vibes, you can shop a huge selection of cheap Puma Cali trainers right here today. 

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Welcome to the Puma California

From the chunky, textured sole to the classic retro design, Puma Cali trainers have always been instantly recognisable. For over three decades, they’ve been gracing tennis courts all over the world, with the old-school style turning them into a real cult classic. 

Famously worn and inspired by Selena Gomez, the latest generation of Cali has been updated with a more streamlined, laid-back feel which stays true to the originals. The classic look is still there for all to see, but now it’s been modernised and comes in an array of leather, suede and synthetic uppers. 

This iconic silhouette is just as cool and stylish now as it was 30 years ago, while still doing more than a good job while worn on the tennis court. Available exclusively for women, the Cali is the perfect addition to any gal’s laid-back wardrobe, with a huge number of gorgeous colourways now available for you to choose from.

Browse Puma Cali Deals Today

Finding cheap Puma Cali trainers is no easy task, simply because you can buy them from so many fantastic retailers. The likes of Foot Locker, JD Sports and other top brands offer impressive Cali collections, making it incredibly difficult to not only find a great pair of trainers, but to also bag the cheapest prices. 

By shopping with FOOTY.COM, things work a little differently. Instead of having to waste time searching between countless retailers and websites, we bring everything together and compare prices in one convenient place. Once you’ve found a pair you want to buy, you can view a list of live prices, then simply click through to buy from your chosen retailer. 

Our selection includes Puma Cali trainers in all sizes and materials, ranging across a dazzling selection of white, black, pink and other colourways. Whether you’re after an 80s original or one of the more recent models, you can always bag huge savings on this absolute classic right here with us.