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Cheap Nike Air Force 1 Trainers

Explore great deals on a timeless classic, as we bring you a huge selection of cheap Nike Air Force 1 trainers. Initially released back in 1982, these iconic trainers have been streamlined, updated and improved over the years and FOOTY.COM can help you compare prices on all the latest designs. Shop Air Force 1 in sizes for men, women and kids today! 

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What is Nike Air Force?

For over 30 years, the Nike Air Force 1 has been one of the most popular trainers on the planet. Created by Bruce Kilgore (a famous Swoosh designer) back in 1982, these trainers immediately grabbed the headlines and the attention of sneaker fans across the globe. They were innovative, stylish and incredibly comfortable. More importantly, they’re still all of those things today. 

The initial release offered a fantastic high-top silhouette, engineered for basketball players and to improve performance out on the court. Over time, however, Nike has introduced all kinds of variations, with low and mid-cut versions coming alongside a choice of suede, Flyknit and leather materials. 

Although there’s certainly nothing stopping you from wearing these for sport, AF1’s are now more commonly used as a casual lifestyle shoe. The range of colours, materials and silhouettes means this silo offers something for everyone, with sizes available for men, women and kids, and each one of them featuring Nike’s iconic Air-Sole system. 

Discover cheap Air Force 1 trainers

Since they’ve been on the market since the early ‘80s, the sheer range of Nike Air Force 1 trainers can seem a little overwhelming. You’ve got various silhouettes, materials and models to choose from, with a huge number of awesome retailers offering great deals, discounts and promotions on a regular basis.  

To make your shopping experience as hassle-free as possible, FOOTY.COM compares prices across all these retailers and brings you all the best cheap Air Force 1 deals. We cut through the noise and provide a huge selection of Nike trainers to browse through, and all you have to do is click on a pair you like and view a list of prices! 

Are AF1s vegan?

Not all Nike Air Force 1 trainers are vegan, but there are plenty of vegan-friendly options available. Some of them make use of regular leather, so vegans should make sure to go for those made out of synthetic materials instead. 

Are Air Force 1 trainers waterproof?

This depends entirely on the type of material you go for. Suede Air Force Ones for example, perform very badly in the rain, whereas those made with synthetic materials are a much better option for wet weather. 

How to clean Air Force 1 trainers

Despite the vast range of colourways available, the Air Force 1’s original white design remains the most popular on the market. Unfortunately, this means they can be a bit of a nightmare to keep clean, since any dirty marks or scuffs will inevitably stand out. 

Using a warm water solution and brush is the most effective way of keeping the uppers clean, while you should use a damp cloth and toothbrush to clear dirt from the soles. We wouldn’t recommend putting Air Force 1 trainers into the washing machine, since this could compromise the shape of the shoe.