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Quality leather trainers are a wardrobe must-have, find a top deal and grab a new pair today. We compare prices from 100+ retailers on top brands such as adidas, Nike and New Balance in men’s, women’s and kids’ sizes. See a wide range of black and white leather trainers along with classics such as adidas Superstar and Nike Cortez.

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How to clean leather trainers

Keeping leather trainers clean and fresh can be easier than you think, all it takes is a few simple steps to get them gleaming again.

Step one: remove any dried mud

Gone for a walk that turned into a bit of a muddy trek by accident? We’ve all done it. Let the mud dry and knock off as much as possible. Try to pick any stubborn bits out with an old blunt knife or key.

Step two: soak the laces

Clean laces make a huge difference, take time to unthread them and soak in soapy water or water with a dash of fabric cleaning powder. After a while, rinse the laces and hang them to dry naturally.

Step three: clean the leather & scrub the soles

Don’t use any cleaning solutions that are too harsh, rule one. A touch of washing up liquid in warm water will do the trick. Use a soft cloth to scrub the smoother surfaces, for textures you can use an old toothbrush. That toothbrush is also a perfect tool for cleaning soles!

Step four: let them dry

Open the trainers up, as it’s important to allow them to dry naturally. If the insoles are wet, ram some old newspaper into the shoe and leave overnight.

Step five: use shoe protector & whitener

If your shoes have any nicks or scratches, use a trainer whitener to touch them up. When dry, follow up with a quality shoe protector to defend the outer shoe against water damage and stains.

Can you put leather trainers in the washing machine?

First things first, check the washing instructions on your trainers! Most trainers will be able to be washed in a machine, but the method above is a safer option to try. The golden rules are to remove laces and insoles, then add them to the drum in a sealed pillowcase. NEVER wash on a high heat!

How to stop leather trainers creasing

Nothing worse than a fresh pair of rides that look old weeks after you’ve got them! You can battle this by doing a few simple things.

Alternate your trainers

Sounds simple, but try wearing different pairs on different days. Give your favourite pair a day off!

Use a shoehorn

It’s a bit old school, but it really works. Using a shoehorn to put on and take off your leather trainers can stop them creasing on the heel.

Keep your trainers clean

See the instructions above! It really helps to keep your trainers in good overall condition.

Use a shoe shaper every day 

Stuffing your leather trainers each time you take them off, has a huge positive impact on avoiding creases. Use a proper tool, or just some old newspaper can do the job.

Find the best deals on leather trainers

Leather has been used in shoes for centuries, and there’s a reason for that. Above all, it’s a durable material but it also has the ability to shape to the wearer’s foot over time. It’s waterproof properties and strength will always make leather trainers a worthwhile investment. Find deals on men's, women's and kids' leather trainers here at FOOTY.COM, where we compare prices from 100+ retailers, so you can save.