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Converse One Star Trainers

Most know that the All Star was the original basketball shoe, but the One Star had its time on the court too! Created as a more laid back version of the All Star and suited to more modern day styles and outfits, the One Star comes in a lively mix of casual silhouettes and colourways. Compare today's best prices for men's, women's and kids' sizes at FOOTY.COM.

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How to clean suede Converse One Stars

Suede is a little more difficult to clean than leather, even though most suede fabrics are treated with chemicals to improve stain resistance, they will eventually need to be cleaned (urgh, we know). It’s not as hard as you’d think though…

For dry dirt: brush!

Use a suede brush or a tough-wired brush to gently run across the surface of the trainer, getting rid of any (dried) excess debris.

For wet stains: dab and leave! 

If you’ve spilt something on your shoe, it’s time to take out a paper towel and dab the soaked area. Leave that towel on the patch until it dries, this will help soak up the excess moisture and leave less of a water mark.

Take some white wine vinegar, apply a few teaspoons to a cloth and rub into the stain gently using a circular motion. Let the vinegar dry, and repeat as many times as needed to remove the stain.

Finally, follow the directions on a bottle of suede cleaner, applying it on the affected area (or the entire shoe, if you’re feeling it).

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