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adidas Samba Trainers

Get your hands on a timeless classic and shop cheap adidas Samba trainers right here. For over 70 years, this iconic silhouette has remained a popular piece of casual footwear, renowned for its quality, comfort and unrivalled retro style. Now you can compare prices on a huge selection of adidas trainers for the whole family - including the magnificent OG design. 

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What is adidas Samba?

The adidas Samba is one of the most historic trainers you can buy today. First released in the 1950s as a football shoe, the original Samba instantly became famous for its quality, comfort and iconic three stripes, proving incredibly popular with players in the years that followed. 

As the decades rolled by, however, the Samba’s insane popularity saw it slip into the realm of casual footwear, gradually becoming one of the biggest lifestyle shoes on the planet.

Although the OG design remains unbelievably popular, this is a collection which has continued to grow and evolve over the past 70 years, introducing innovative new features and keeping it relevant. 

While the original design was made from high-quality kangaroo leather, you can now sink your feet into a pair which feature synthetic, suede or even Primeknit uppers.

There’s no question the Samba will always be a retro favourite, but it’s also unafraid to embrace the future and try new things. It’s here to stay.  

What are the Different Samba Models?

After more than 70 years on the market, the adidas Samba collection has grown to enormous proportions.

A far cry from the simple black leather of the original, there’s now a multitude of colourways, materials and designs for you to choose from, with each and every one of them rocking that unmistakable Samba style. 

For many, the sheer amount of choice is overwhelming, especially with adidas regularly introducing new innovations and feature.

The Samba OG is, of course, based on the design of the originals (offering subtle tweaks to keep it up-to-date), but the Samba FB, MC and Super Suede all offer very different things. 

The most modern model is undoubtedly the Samba Sock Primeknit, which introduces adidas’ innovative sock material for the very first time.

Everything you love about the Samba design is still there, but now it’s all wrapped in a glorious layer of Primeknit, making it one of the most comfortable casual trainers you can get your hands on.

On top of all these terrific models, there’s a wealth of collaborations and special-edition releases to consider, and you’ll need to put some serious research into which one’s best for you. What we can help with, however, is researching and comparing the best available prices. 

Explore Cheap adidas Samba Deals

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Our selection includes sizes for men, women and kids, as we make it our mission to help find the best trainers for you. 

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