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adidas x Parley Trainers

Today’s oceans have just about had it with plastic, and so have Parley and adidas. This range is a collaboration to help bring recycled plastic ocean waste and trainer fashion together, for the good of the planet. Do your bit and find the best price here at FOOTY.COM.

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What is adidas x Parley?

Created for those who are environmentally conscious and demand an alternative for top quality trainers, adidas x Parley delivers the answer. Parley are an environmental organisation which fights to protect the oceans, collecting plastic and turning it into their trademarked Parley Ocean PlasticⓇ.

It’s an exciting partnership, brought about by bonding the best intentions of two companies. And the selection of creations is something truly special too.  

How are adidas x Parley shoes made?

Parley is a company that works extensively on projects to clean the world’s oceans of plastic. They first collect marine plastic debris and upcycle it into their eco-innovative Ocean PlasticⓇ, then distribute the material to manufacturers like adidas. From that point, the creativity of adidas designers comes to the forefront, weaving the recycled plastic throughout the adidas x Parley range.

Where to buy adidas x Parley

Find the best prices from across the web on our site right here at FOOTY.COM. Just search for which adidas x Parley creation you prefer, or browse in your size. We’re 100% impartial and compare over 100+ retailers.