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Cheap Men’s Football Kits - Under £20

That’s right - everything on this page costs less than an extra-large pizza. We’ve compared prices from your favourite online retailers, bringing you a wide selection of shirts, shorts and socks for just £20 or less. This is the home of football price comparison, and it’s never been easier to find cheap football kits in time for the new season. 

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Discover Shirts, Shorts and Socks for Men

Take a moment to calm yourself down, because everything on this page is available for less than £20. In some cases, you can save more than 80% on your favourite football kits, leaving you with plenty of spare change to get to the match, grab a pint or (our personal favourite) buy an extra shirt. 

It’d be fair to assume that such low prices would only apply to obscure, unheard-of teams out in the far reaches of Africa. However, such an assumption would be entirely wrong, because we’ve found absolutely massive discounts on teamwear from the biggest clubs on the planet. 

Manchester United. Real Madrid. Barcelona. Bayern Munchen. They’re all here. Our range includes classic home and alternative away shirts, perfect for your next game of five-a-side. You can also gear up for the new season with a selection of cheap shorts, socks and training wear, as we provide everything you need to prepare for your next match. 

Compare Prices on Cheap Football Kits

The extensive kit collection is just the beginning, of course. While supplying such a large number of shirts is all very well and good, FOOTY.COM actually takes things one step further. We don’t just provide a wide range of football kits, we also supply a larger range of prices. 

We are the home of football price comparison. This means it’s our job to compare prices from multiple online retailers and list the biggest savings right here on FOOTY.COM. On this page, you’ll find some absolutely unmissable bargains, as we’ve searched the internet to bring you the best kits for under £20. 

In short, this is probably the biggest collection of cheap football kits you’re likely to find on the internet, since anything included in a retailer’s sale will also be featured right here. There’s no need to pull your hair out anymore, because now you can finally stop flicking between different sites and find the best prices in one convenient place.