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Cheap Kids' Football Kits - Under £20

Keeping up with football-mad children can always prove expensive. That’s why we provide such a wide selection of cheap kids' football kits, comparing prices on the latest shirts, shorts and socks to help you find the best deals. Instead of spending a fortune to keep up with rapid growth spurts, you can explore a huge range of kits for less than £20 right here. 

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The Football Obsession Begins

Even the smallest fans can make the biggest difference. 

Children all over the world have always been completely obsessed with football. Desperate to watch their favourite team on the telly or play on the street with their friends, many kids dream of emulating their footballing heroes out on the pitch. Of course, this also makes them desperate to get their hands on the latest football kits. 

Although they might only need a ball and a couple of jumpers for goalposts, a football-mad youngster can quickly become very expensive - especially if they insist on growing out of everything. Since teams now bring out brand-new kits every single year, you’ll undoubtedly want to rescue your bank balance by finding some great deals. 

However, as a parent, the biggest challenge lies in finding the time to search for these bargains. Fortunately, that’s where we come in. 

Find Cheap Football Kits for Kids

FOOTY.COM is the home of football price comparison, which basically means we do all of the hard work for you. Instead of having to spend hours scrolling through various retailers, now you can simply find all the lowest prices listed in one place, giving you more time to relax and put your feet up. Sounds good, right?

We search the most popular online retailers (and some of the smaller ones) to find the best deals and biggest savings. Once you’ve clicked on your chosen item, you’ll be displayed with a list of current prices, allowing you to click straight through to whichever deal happens to take your fancy. 

By bringing together a selection which spans dozens of retailers, this is perhaps the largest range of cheap kids football kits you’re likely to find on the internet. We’re talking shirts, shorts, socks - the works. Everything your children need to play the beautiful game. 

And the best part? Everything on this page is available for no more than £20, so you don’t have to break the bank to keep up with their love of football. Thank goodness for that. 

Choosing Kids Football Kit Sizes

Finding the right junior kit sizes can confuse a lot of parents, which inevitably leads to buying something that doesn’t quite fit. Although you can obviously return these items, this usually involves a great deal of hassle which you could probably do without. 

Instead, you should take the time to look into which size your children actually need. The main thing you need to learn is that sizes can often fluctuate between different brands, meaning that the right size will often depend on who you’re buying from. For example, an adidas shirt might fit your 9-year-old perfectly, but you might need the next size up when shopping with Nike. 

While browsing on FOOTY.COM, you’ll notice that detailed sizing information isn’t usually displayed in our listings, since you can find this with each individual retailer. Before making a purchase, you need to take the time to check through this info, just to make sure the brand’s sizes aren’t any different to what you’d usually buy.