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Choosing the right football socks is now vitally important. You’ll want to make sure they’re comfortable and snug, while the biggest brands are now implementing all manner of innovative technologies. You can explore a wide selection of football socks right here at FOOTY.COM, and compare prices to find great deals for adults and kids! 

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The Evolution of Football Socks

The football sock is much more than just simple footwear. It’s something that can influence your performance out on the pitch, keep you comfortable and act as a fashion statement all at the same time. The days of bland, traditional socks are at an end, and players now have access to a range of brands, colours and lengths to choose from. 

The latest designs are packed with all kinds of technology, with the likes of Nike, adidas and Puma continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation. These socks are now stronger, snugger and more flexible than ever before, and finding the right pair will make you feel more comfortable out on the pitch. 

Moisture control is now a huge thing in football socks. Nike socks, for example, utilise Dri-Fit technology, while adidas have both ClimaCool and ClimaLite. All the top brands now offer a similar sort of thing, but you should always read up on the product before just buying a pair you think look quite nice. 

Many socks will also offer enhanced cushioning and support, with mesh ventilation and ribbed ankles found on the more advanced designs. You can even check out our rundown of the best football socks around, just to make absolutely certain you're spending your money wisely. 

How to Wear Football Socks

The traditional way of wearing football socks is to have them pulled up to the knee, firmly holding your shin pads in place. While this method is still followed by a large number of players, others prefer to wear them much lower, while some professionals have even taken to cutting holes in them to relieve muscle tension. 

There are multiple different ways of wearing football socks, and your choice should come completely down to your own personal preference. They should feel snug but without restricting blood flow to your calf muscles, while also holding your shin pads in place so that they don’t keep falling down. 

Most important of all, however, you need to adhere to the standards of your team. You can wear your socks however you want out on the five-a-side pitch, but those playing for proper clubs will always have to adhere to the rules on length and styling. Either way, it’s always important to make sure they don’t make your football boots feel too small! 

Compare Prices Today

Regardless of what you’re looking for, you can shop a huge range of football socks today at FOOTY.COM. We find great deals on every brand’s latest socks, including those making use of the latest technology!

Although socks in football are becoming more advanced and sophisticated, that doesn’t mean you should pay over the odds for them. After all, we’re just talking about socks here. 

That’s why we scour the internet and compare prices on the biggest brands, such as Nike, adidas, Puma and so many others. Bringing you deals on cheap football socks for men, women and kids, we make sure the whole family can save a little money and stay comfortable out on the pitch!