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New Football Kits - 2022/23

A new season is upon us, and it’s delivered an absolutely stunning collection of new football kits. This section keeps you up to date with all the latest releases, while also helping you compare prices on the new 2022/23 home, away and third shirts. You can even find deals on shorts, socks and new international kits, as we bring you the latest gear for the lowest prices. 

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New season, new kits

There’s now more new football kits than ever before. Not so long ago, even the biggest clubs would reuse the same strips for two or three seasons, while those further down the football ladder would keep them for even longer. As the 2023/23 gets firmly underway, it’s never been clearer just how much things have changed. 

Almost every professional side in the world will produce at least a new home, away and goalkeeper kit at the start of every season. The larger clubs, particularly those competing in European competition, will also come up with adventurous third kits and, in some instances, downright bizarre fourth kits. 

Much like the transfer merry-go-round and fantastic international tournaments, the release of new football kits has become a summer tradition of the beautiful game. Fans eagerly await the latest designs, while the season is rife with concept kits and speculation as to what the new releases could look like. 

In short, there’s never been a better time to be into football kits.

Shop new kits from all over the world

Since most clubs now release new football kits so frequently, things can quickly become expensive for fans - unless you know where to look. 

At FOOTY.COM, we understand that keeping up with the latest releases can soon have your bank balance begging for mercy, which is why we’re dedicated to helping you find cheap football shirts this season. We are the home of football price comparison, which means we compile all the best deals and lowest prices right here on this page. 

Finding deals on retro football shirts is all very well and good, but this section is solely focused on the very latest releases. We’ll be comparing prices on a huge selection of kits for the new 20 season, alongside all the latest international kits in sizes for men, womenkids and even babies

From the English Premier League to the Peruvian Primera Division, we bring you deals on football kits from all over the world. No matter who you support, FOOTY.COM is here to save you a little money.

Gear up for World Cup 2022

Hype for World Cup 2022 is rising towards boiling point, with brands unveiling their new kits for the tournament in 2022. The likes of Nike, adidas and Puma have produced some absolutely stunning designs, and we’ll be comparing prices on every single one of them in the lead-up to the competition. 

You can compare prices on all the new England, Scotland and Wales kits including bits of training wear, while also finding cheap kits for every other country to qualify. As the tournament approaches and the excitement builds yet further, this is your number one stop for bagging the cheapest deal.

When do new football kits come out?

This depends on exactly what you’re looking for. The new club kits will start rolling out as early as May, with some clubs actually choosing to wear their new design for the last game of the season. These releases continue steadily throughout the summer, until the last designs (third shirts) are unveiled towards the middle of September.

International kits usually start rolling out around November, ahead of the new calendar year, while release dates for clubs outside of Europe will differ depending on which league you’re after. Basically, at least on a global scale, the release of new football kits simply never stops, and we couldn’t be more excited about that fact. 

Compare prices with us today to find a great deal on the latest designs, or check out the shirts section of our blog if you want a little shopping inspiration!