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Scotland Football Kits

When it comes to bitter rivalries between national teams none is quite like the England Scotland divide. An English football fan wouldn’t be seen dead in a Scotland shirt and vice-versa, so if you are born in the country at FOOTY.COM we’ve got something perfect for you!

Scotland Football Kits

Passion and pride play a monumental part in Scottish football, but why should you have to spend over the odds for the very latest Scotland kit? At FOOTY.COM, we are the UK’s leading football price comparison site, allowing you to don the blue of the mighty Scotland for the cheapest prices on the internet. Show your Scottish pride with the latest style or a retro kit from years gone by. Sign up to the FOOTY.COM newsletter today to receieve the latest savings on kits north of the border!

Scottish Loyalty

The Scots have produced some incredibly talented stars over their history, with the likes of Ally McCoist and Kenny Dalglish taking up their rightful places in Scottish football history. With a modern squad looking increasingly more talented, it’s certainly only a matter of time before you can wear the blue shirt at a major tournament with pride. They were pretty unlucky to miss out on the 2016 Euros! When it comes to fan loyalty and following, Scotland do however come close to top of the table. They are also the joint oldest international team in the history of the game, with England. So if you’re Scottish through and through show your support and love for your country with FOOTY.COM! 

The Tartan Army

Known as the Tartan Army, thanks to the kilt, it’s a theme that has always been ever present in Scotland footy kits. At FOOTY.COM we have a huge range of classic styles right up to the very latest designs, available in an array of adults and kids sizes. If it’s a shirt, a pair of shorts or socks that you’re after, shop with FOOTY.COM today and make an impressive saving! 

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