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Iconic Football Kits: For The Collectors

Stand out from the crowd and bag yourself one of the most iconic football kits ever made. Hand-picked by our own team of shirt experts, this selection includes unique, distinctive designs which will make a fantastic addition to any collection. Dare to be a little different and compare prices on these collectable shirts today. 

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Let’s face it, football shirts are fantastic. They always have been. 

They sit at the heart of football’s biggest moments, ingraining themselves into the history, culture and identity of every club on the planet. They’re no longer just an item of clothing to separate the teams, modern football shirts now express a certain type of character and style, with the biggest brands vying to come up with truly memorable designs. 

Although you’ll undoubtedly have your eye on your own club’s kits, such inventive and stylish football shirts have become a staple of the game all over the world. That’s why there’s so many kit collectors and connoisseurs amongst us, and every collection needs to include the most distinctive, original and iconic designs possible.

Shop Iconic Football Shirts 

Here you can find some of the most unique football shirts money can buy. Packed with colour, original patterns and irresistible style, this section lets you browse shirts unlike anything else you’ll find. In fact, these are arguably some of the best shirts ever made, and are worth every single penny of your hard-earned cash. 

You’ll naturally want to keep hold of as much of that cash as possible, however, which is why FOOTY.COM compares prices to help you find a great saving. That’s right- this isn’t just a stunning collection of football shirts, but also an equally impressive selection of prices. 

Although these are some of the most popular shirts in the world, that doesn’t mean you need to pay over the odds. We bring you the best deals on collectable shirts from the Premier League, La Liga and just about every other league you can think of, providing a selection which is ideal for collectors, hipsters and five-a-side players. The likes of Venezia, Kaizer Chiefs, Sampdoria and Corinthians are all here.