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This is where you can make a save to be proud of. Bringing you a huge selection of the most popular goalkeeper kits, FOOTY.COM lets you compare prices on shirts, shorts, gloves and everything else you need between the sticks. Find the best deals on your favourite club or brand, and become a truly imposing presence in the penalty area.

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Long Live the Keeper Kit

Let’s face it, goalkeeper kits are a lot of fun. 

The likes of Jorge Campos, Claudio Taffarel and David Seaman all became famous for their extravagant 90s strips, each one packed with a generous dose of colour and personality. Even in more recent years, clubs haven’t been afraid to experiment a bit when it comes to their keeper shirts (we’re looking at you, Wycombe Wanderers).

This means there’s plenty of awesome keeper kits for you to choose from, even if you’re just after something with your own club’s crest on it. The most memorable designs are often vibrant, colourful and just a little outrageous, but there are still plenty of sleek and stylish kits for goalkeepers to get their hands (or gloves) on. 

Basically, a world without goalkeeper kits would be a lot more boring.

Discover Cheap Goalkeeper Shirts, Shorts and Gloves

Although they perhaps don’t receive as much media attention, goalkeeper kits are just as expensive as other football shirts. You also just need to look at Liverpool’s 2019/20 design to understand how popular they can be. 

So, at FOOTY.COM we’re dedicated to helping you save a little money. This is the home of football price comparison, and we search across the internet to find great deals from the biggest online retailers. While you might usually spend hours flicking through different websites, you can now view all the lowest prices in one convenient place. 

Goalkeepers are renowned for being sensible and reliable, and nothing makes more sense than trying to save a little money. Whether you’re after something for your kids, your next game of five-a-side, or just want something to wear round the house, it’s our mission to bring you cheap goalkeeper kits in all sizes. 

Compare prices on keeper shirts, shorts and gloves today, and make sure you start the season with an incredible save.