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Baby, Infant & Toddler Football Kits (0-3 Years)

You can never be too young to be a fan. In fact, we’d argue that baby football kits are one of the most adorable things in the world, and we hope to find you the best deals on shirts, shorts and teeny-tiny socks this season. If they're a little small for kids' strips, compare prices on replica mini kits today and bag the perfect gift for the family’s youngest member.

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A Mini Kit Is The Perfect Gift

Name something cuter than a newborn baby in a football kit. It’s okay, we’ll wait.

Whether you’re the proud father, the cool aunt, the grumpy grandad or a close friend to the family, a tiny baby football kit is always a fantastic gift for the little one. Besides, you’ll want to waste no time in establishing where their allegiances lie, especially if other family members support a rival club. Shudder.

Our range of baby kits includes kits from the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and international sides in sizes from 1-2 months (yes, they really make football kits that small), right up to sizes for 2 and 3-year-old toddlers. If you’re after something for a slightly older child, then you’ll want to check out our kids’ football kit(or adults' kit) section instead.

Find Cheap Baby, Infant & Toddler Football Kits

Babies tend to grow pretty fast, which means they’ll soon be far too big for their new football kit. Of course, this means you’ll want to find the best deal possible, especially if you plan on replacing it with the next size up once they’re big enough.

FOOTY.COM is the home of football price comparison, and it’s our mission to bring the best deals together in one convenient place. If you’re a proud new parent, your free time should be spent sleeping, not scrolling through the internet looking for cheap baby football kits. In fact, if you’ve even got the energy to read this paragraph, you’re doing very well indeed.

Instead, you should let us do all the hard work, as we do all the scrolling, searching and other boring stuff to bring you the lowest prices. Simply click on the baby kit you want to buy, look through the list of prices, and click through to the retailer offering the best deal. Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy.