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Uhlsport Goalkeeper Gloves

While Uhlsport may not be one of the biggest or well-known names in the football world, when it comes to Uhlsport keeper gloves they certainly know a thing or two! For decades they’ve been producing some of the finest quality goalkeeper gloves, ideal for those who play between the sticks.

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German Technology

Created in Germany in 1948, Uhlsport have become a goalkeeping sensation around the globe. When it comes to football the Germans are a pretty solid team, and always have been, but one aspect that surely stands out is their goalkeepers. Over time, Germany have produced some of the world’s greatest keepers, so why wouldn’t you want a tried and tested brand such as Uhlsport when choosing your next pair of goalkeeper gloves? Their latest offerings are all equipped with the very latest technology, perfect for absorbing those powerful shots, keeping hold of the ball, and most importantly they are incredibly comfortable doing so! 


Uhlsport have some pretty stylish keeper gloves available in their collections, and at FOOTY.COM you can grab yourself a pair for an amazing price. We have a range of collections of Uhlsport keeper gloves, each available in adults and kids sizes.

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