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Soft Ground Football Boots

Wet and muddy pitches can be an absolute nightmare to play on. Without some soft ground football boots, you’ll end up sat dazed on the floor and wondering how you’ve managed to slip over again. At least the opposition will get a good laugh, though. You can grab your next pair here for less, today.

To spare you this inevitable embarrassment, SG boots offer the grip and traction needed for such treacherous surfaces. The top boots from Nike, adidas and Puma are usually available with a soft ground soleplate, and now you can even compare prices to save a few extra pennies.

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What are SG Football Boots?

Let’s be honest, we’ve all played football on something resembling a bog before. In fact, many of us might have been silly enough to do so without the proper footwear, leading to either hilarious or disastrous results. Sunday league players know what we’re talking about.

You see, soft ground football boots are specifically designed to stop you slipping all over the place. They feature longer studs which dig deep into the ground, giving you more secure footing and basically keeping you away from those muddy puddles. Phew.

The traditional soleplate features 6 metal screw-in studs, but many modern soft ground boots now use a mixed stud configuration instead. Basically, this helps to spread the pressure across a larger part of the foot and make you more comfortable, while still tearing into the turf to keep you on your feet. Well, so long as nobody fouls you.

When to Wear SG Boots

Sometimes you might be unsure when to wear a certain type of boot. Fortunately, this one’s nice and simple: you should only wear soft ground boots on soft pitches. It's so important, we even put that in bold. 

Now, we’re only talking about natural grass surfaces here, so you can shelve any plans you might have to wear them at the beach. SG boots are suitable for wet and muddy grass, that’s it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Wearing them anywhere else could quickly result in a pretty horrendous injury, so don’t say we didn’t warn you. Oh, and trying to wear other boots on soft ground will likely have the same result.

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