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Soft Ground Football Boots

You’re going to need soft ground football boots to stay upright on muddy, natural grass pitches. Right here, you can grab a deal on big-studded SG boots from Nike, adidas, Puma and more. We compare deals on adults’ and kids’ sizes to save you money.

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What are soft ground (SG) football boots?

Let’s be honest, we’ve all played football on something resembling a bog before. Sunday league players know what we’re talking about.

Soft ground football boots are specifically designed to stop you slipping over on those muddy, natural grass pitches. 

They feature longer studs which dig deep into the ground, giving you more secure footing to twist and turn during the game.

The traditional soleplate features 6 metal screw-in studs, but many modern soft ground boots now use a mixed stud configuration. Spreading the pressure evenly for more traction.

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