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Sock Football Boots

Sock boots are uber popular. And to think, they’ve been around for fewer than 10 years. We define a sock football boot as either a design with an ankle collar or boots made with sock-like material such as Nike’s FlyKnit and adidas’ Primeknit. What matters is that men, women and kids love playing in them.

It’s our job to show you the full range of options, then to let you choose where will save you the most money. Pick your ideal style and size today.

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What are sock football boots?

As we mentioned briefly in the intro on this page, a sock boot can be defined in two ways. One, as a football boot which has a sock-style collar. And two, a football boot which is manufactured (in full or part) by modern sock-like materials like FlyKnit (Nike) or Primeknit (adidas).

The ankle collar can help the player to feel more supported and fixed into the boot, giving those with so-called ‘biscuit ankles’ some peace of mind. The sock-like materials used in uppers still offer durability and support, but can also offer the wearer a more natural feel on the ball, helping touch and control. Of course, some people just think they look classy. Which they do.

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