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Puma One Football Boots

The Puma One is different to other football boots. Instead of solely focusing on speed, agility or touch, the One offers a little bit of everything. This is a real all-rounder, a boot available in men’s and kids’ sizes and offers excellent value for money. But to really get your money’s worth, you can compare prices here today.

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What is Puma One?

The Puma One is essentially two boots rolled into one. First released back in 2017, this popular silo replaced both the Puma evoSpeed and evoTouch, combining key elements of those boots to create a more rounded design. This marked a new generation of Puma football boots, and it’s proven incredibly popular ever since.

Although he’s since switched over to the Future silo, Antoine Griezmann was the first big name attached to the One, while the original 17.1 model was actually designed in collaboration with Thierry Henry. With attacking players always stuck firmly in mind, the collection of Puma One boots has continued to grow and improve.

Which models of Puma One are available?

The boots have been gradually streamlined and upgraded over the years, with each new generation introducing fresh tech and better designs. Since the initial 17.1 model, we’ve been treated to the 18.1, 19.1, 20.1, One 1 and 5.1 models, all coming in a range of fantastic colourways and with soleplates for various surface types.

Why should I choose Puma One football boots?

Puma One football boots offer excellent value for money. They combine speed, agility and touch to provide the perfect footwear for all attacking players. Instead of solely focusing on a specific attribute, the One is designed to enhance multiple qualities at once, becoming the ultimate all-round boot for those in offensive positions.

The RAPIDSPRINT outsole allows players to make the most of their explosive pace, while the high-quality leather upper is designed to improve touch and comfort. This snug sensation is enhanced by an evoKnit sock, and the FUSEFIT tech allows for customisable laces - although not to the extent of the Future.

The latest 20.1 model is lighter and more responsive than previous designs, but even the oldest models offer a fantastic performance out on the pitch. What’s more, they’re all available in firm ground or soft ground options too.

Who wears Puma One?

The Puma One is a boot for attackers who like to do a little bit of everything. From keeping possession to blasting one into the top corner, the One enhances everything in a striker’s toolkit. So, it’s not hard to see why it’s proven so popular with Sergio Aguero, Romelu Lukaku and Olivier Giroud.

Players such as David Silva, Giorgio Chiellini and Diego Godin also wear Puma One football boots, just to illustrate the range of players who can wear them. They might be built with attacking qualities in mind, but those qualities can prove essential all over the pitch depending on your style of play.

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The range of Puma One boots has now finished growing, and prices will fluctuate depending on which model you go for. We’ve seen a number of generations of this silo, so you’ll be able to save a few pennies by going for an older model, such as the 19.1 or a 5.1.

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