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Nike Phantom GT Football Boots

Kevin De Bruyne said that these boots are “the best he’s ever worn” in his career. How can you argue with that? Nike’s Phantom GT & GT2 have been built with data in mind, created through rigorous athlete testing to give you the best results on the pitch. Find the top deals here at FOOTY.COM.

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What is the Nike Phantom GT?

Released in August 2020, Nike’s Phantom GT is the evolution of the earlier Phantom Venom and Vision packs. Nike says that the Phantom GT is built from precise data-driven analysis through years of planning and testing. Those results feed every part of the design of this football boot.

As with all updated silhouettes, the technology feeds the design. Nike are clearly frontrunners when it comes to footwear tech, and these boots are no exception.

Nike Phantom GT main features

Scientists at the Nike Sport Research Lab (yes, that’s a thing) have worked hard to develop the next generation of football boots with the Phantom GT and GT2. Their research inspected in incredible detail, the impact of ball to foot from various angles and speeds. As a result, data was produced and analysed for Nike designers to create the most effective shape, using the most inventive materials possible.

GT stands for ‘Generative Texture’, and this relates to the small, swirling bumps that cover the entire FlyKnit uppers. These protrusions have been optimised from two years of analysis and pattern testing, then coated with ACC (All Conditions Control). The designers are carefully aware that too much grip can hinder players, but just the right amount? Perfect.

Nike’s new Hyperquick System is a completely new chassis design which includes agility studs. More rigid in the heel for stability and support, but more flexible in the forefoot for improved change of direction. Nike’s data points show numbers to prove that this chassis produces the best results they have ever seen from their boots.

In a football world first, the Phantom GT Academy FlyEase model has a fold-down heel, for ease of entry. This is then secured by a wraparound FlyEase fastening belt, for extra structure and stability. Players also have the option of the low-profile silhouette, or the Dynamic sock-type shape. The GT sticks to the popular T90-style lateral lacing system, giving a larger area for ball control and instep passing and shooting.

Who wears Nike Phantom GT boots?

A wide range of leading Nike-sponsored players wear the Phantom GT. Quoted on the Nike website at launch, passmaster Kevin De Bruyne said, “the Phantom GT is fantastic. The touch, the feel of the boot is the best I have worn in my career. Nike has pretty much made my perfect boot”.

German playmaker Kai Havertz also added his views, “I felt a difference in the new Phantom boot as soon as I put it on. The fit and feel is incredible and not like any boot I have worn before”.

The GT2 model has many admirers too, none other than England legends Harry Kane, Phil Foden and Jack Grealish.

Where can you buy Nike Phantom GT?

As with all new releases, you can find the best prices from leading brands here at FOOTY.COM. We have all tiers of the Phantom GT and Phantom GT2, along with a wide selection of stud choices to help you perform to your best, at any time in the season.

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