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New Balance Tekela Football Boots

Built for the creators, it’s time to make your mark with the New Balance Tekela. This streamlined silo is designed with control and creativity very much in mind, jam-packed with incredible boot tech to raise your game to a whole new level. Lightweight, stable and comfortable, here you can compare the best deals on these fantastic football boots. 

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What is New Balance Tekela?

Alongside the popular Furon, the Tekela is currently headlining the latest generation of New Balance football boots. Introduced ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, this new silo was brought in as a replacement for the Visaro, serving up a streamlined upgrade focused on control, touch and creativity. 

The original model - the Tekela 1.0 - was released as part of the Otruska boot pack, drenched in a crisp white colourway and featuring smart red detailing. In the time since that initial release, New Balance has unleashed an array of awesome colourways and fresh new models, doing everything they can to continuously improve its performance out on the pitch.

Why Should I Choose Tekela Boots?

While the Furon is better suited to serious speedsters, the Tekela is the ideal option for playmakers who love to thread the ball through the eye of a needle. Even so, these boots are still lightweight enough for players to unleash their explosive pace, making them one of the best all-round football boots currently on the market. 

The highlight of the design is the Kinetic Stitch upper, which is engineered to offer a superior touch and feel of the football. Offering plenty of flexibility and agility, the conical studs provide 360-degree rotation and make it easier than ever to change direction at speed, while the extended tongue creates a truly distinguishing style. 

These boots can be worn all over the pitch and offer a little bit of everything, so you can always feel confident in getting your money’s worth. 

Who Wears Tekela?

The New Balance Tekela is arguably one of the most underrated football boots on the planet. While its performance is nothing short of exceptional, it remains wildly under-utilised throughout the professional game. In fact, this is probably the best boot which nobody else is wearing right now.

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