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Mizuno Football Boots

Premium materials and craftsmanship for affordable prices. Don’t be mistaken, Mizuno are big players in the football boot game. And we can help you save money on your next pair of Mizuno’s Morelia or Rebula today.

Pick your style and colour, then we do the rest by comparing over 100+ retailer to bring you the biggest savings.

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Are Mizuno football boots good?

Mizuno were founded in 1906. In Osaka, Japan to be specific. Although they didn’t make their first original Morelia football boots until 1985, they have a wealth of sportswear knowledge. From clothing to running shoes, Mizuno have always produced top quality sporting equipment and are, in our humble opinion, hugely underrated. What we’re trying to say is yes, Mizuno make extremely good football boots for both men and kids.

What are Mizuno ‘Made In Japan’ football boots?

Sometimes you’ll be glancing through Mizuno’s Morelia or Rebula ranges and you’ll see ‘Made In Japan’ in the name of a model. This means that only the finest materials have been used to produce that particular silo, with premium kangaroo leather often the upper of choice. Yes, that means they’re also the priciest option, but you’re going to get maximum feel, durability and comfort for your money. Honestly, check the reviews for ‘MIJ’ models, you’ll see exactly what we mean.

Where can I buy Mizuno football boots online?

Well you could go to Mizuno or you could scour hundreds of retailers trying to find the best deals and sale prices. Actually, there’s a third option - and it’s FOOTY.COM. We do all of the comparing for you and show you a list, conveniently ordered from the lowest to highest price. It’s only up to you to pick your size, your model, your colour and save on them.

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