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Firm Ground Football Boots

When playing on a hard grass surface, you’re gonna need some firm ground football boots. Alright, so you probably already knew that, but perhaps you didn’t realise that all the latest deals and releases can be found in one handy place. Right here.

Not only can you browse FG boots from brands like Nike, adidas and Puma, but also explore a huge range of your favourite retailers. Finding the lowest price has genuinely never been easier, but there’s no need to take our word for it - just click on the boots you fancy and see for yourself.

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What are FG Football Boots?

Even if you’ve never kicked a ball yourself, you could probably have a pretty good guess at what firm ground boots are all about. Let’s have your answers on a postcard, these are boots specifically designed for playing on harder, firmer grass pitches.

They also happen to be the most popular type of football boot on the planet. Unless you’re playing on a particularly wet and muddy pitch, the chances are you’ll be after a pair of FG boots. If you do play on something that resembles a bog, however, then you’ll need to divert your attention to our soft ground boots instead.

In a nutshell, firm ground boots will give you the best possible traction and grip on dry natural grass. Getting your foot stuck in the ground would be a nightmare, so the studs are typically shorter and strategically placed to spread your weight across the whole soleplate. Lovely.

When to Wear Firm Ground Boots

It doesn’t matter where, when or how you play, you always need to make absolutely sure you’re wearing the right type of football boots. Otherwise one of two things is likely to happen: you’ll look like Bambi on ice and give your mates a good laugh, or you’ll do yourself a serious injury. And nobody will be laughing then.

FG boots allow you to accelerate, turn and ultimately play football safely on dry or slightly wet surfaces. However, the vast majority can also be worn on most artificial grass pitches, and we’ve seen a huge rise in multi-ground boots over the past few years. These might be labelled as “FG/AG” or something similar.

So, if you tend to play on both dry natural grass and artificial pitches, then FG boots offer excellent value for money. However, you should avoid wearing them on soft ground, indoor or astro pitches, unless you fancy getting injured or landed with a hefty maintenance bill. No, didn’t think so.

Useful Guides

If you’re new to the game or buying for someone else, choosing football boots can be a bit of a minefield. Above is just a brief summary of what FG football boots are all about, but we’ve also put together some more detailed guides for those who still feel confused by everything.

Don’t worry, we gotcha covered.

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