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Artificial Grass Football Boots

If your field of dreams is made from 3G or 4G artificial grass, you’re going to need a pair of specialised AG football boots. The good news is, FOOTY.COM has the latest artificial ground boots from Nike, adidas, Puma and more. And we bring you the lowest prices from 100+ retailers to boot. Pardon the pun.

Find your ideal size and colour from hundreds of men’s and kids’ AG football boots and glide across that plastic grass in style.

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What are AG football boots?

AG refers to ‘artificial ground’ or ‘artificial grass’ football boots, in short. They are specifically designed with more rounded, moulded plastic studs to avoid less of the snagging that comes from wearing larger studs on modern 3G or 4G turf pitches. They enter and release from the turf in a smoother fashion, leaving your precious knees and ankles well intact.

Can you wear AG boots on grass?

We don’t make the rules! Listen, if you can find a surface dry enough, there’s no reason why you can’t wear an artificial ground football boot on it.

Maybe it’s pre-season and it’s (for once) a desert out there, an AG boot could actually benefit you.

Just to add, unless you want to be nicknamed ‘Sick Note’, we absolutely wouldn’t recommend using them on sand-based astro turf!

What boots are best to wear on 3G or 4G turf pitches?

You’ve only gone and stumbled across the right page! Yep, artificial grass and ground football boots are the exact thing you need to get the most from your game on 3G or 4G artificial turf pitches. After all, the clue’s in the name, those surfaces are made from artificial grass.

If you've stumbled across this page and you're still unsure as to which boot may be your perfect partner, check out our useful guides for finding the best boots for 3G, best boots for astro turf and even the best boots for 4G.

Save on AG football boots

If you play on grass, we’ve got firm ground and soft ground boots for that. But, if you’re here for artificial grass football boots, we’ve got you covered too. With leading brands including Nike, adidas, Puma and many more on our site, you’re going to find exactly what you need, at an amazing price.

It’s our job to compare all the prices for your favourite boot, then show you where to save. Whether it’s men’s or kids’ sizes you’re after, save a load on your next pair with FOOTY.COM.