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adidas Predator Football Boots

Since its humble beginnings back in 1994, the adidas Predator has rightly roared its way into football boot folklore. The best players of their generation have graced the pitch in these classics, including Beckham, Zidane, Xavi, Kaka and Pogba to name a few. Whether you're an Accelerator, Mania, Mutator, Freak or Edge fan, Predators always come out on top.

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What are adidas Predators?

Somewhat forgotten midfielder of the ‘80s, Craig Johnston was the unlikely prototype designer of the now legendary adidas Predator. The South African born Australian, England U21 player (we know, a real mix) nicknamed ‘Skippy’, ended his career early after 250+ games for Liverpool. He decided to play around with boot design in his retirement, which turned out to be one hell of a choice in retrospect.

The Predator has a long and celebrated history, and a reputation as one of the best football boots ever created. It was given its name due to its ‘mean’ look, including scales and bumps atop a rugged leather upper. Players immediately fell in love with the ground-breaking design, as it gave them more control and due to its rubber scaling, resulted in more action when swerving or curling the ball.

As of the 20s, the Predator has had no fewer than 18 iterations. After the original adidas Predator (self-titled album) came the Rapier, Touch, Accelerator, Precision, Mania, Pulse, Absolute, Powerswerve, X, Adipower, Lethal Zones, Instinct, 18, 19, Mutator 20 and Freak (in chronological order). Aaand breathe.   

Why is the adidas Predator such a good football boot?

As football moved into a more modern era during the early to mid-’90s, professional players expected the very best from their equipment. There were players who could do amazing things with the ball at their feet such as Del Piero and Gascoigne, but they wouldn’t argue about a bit of extra help, would they? The adidas Predator provided power, control and comfort that had been lacking from other boot brands of the time.   

Which football players wear adidas Predators?

There is a long line of legendary players who’ve worn various iterations of the Predator model from adidas. From its beginnings back in 1994, top players like Del Piero and Paul Gascoigne laced them up, and the first to score a professional goal in them? Scotsman John Collins, remember him?

Through the ‘90s and into the ‘00s, players at the peak of world football chose the Predator over anything else. Brazilian masterclasses came from Kaka, puppeteering shows from Zinedine Zidane, pinpoint finishing from Raul and physics-defying swerve from David Beckham. Its popularity was only going upwards.

As the ‘00s closed and ‘10s and 20’s came around, the trend naturally continued: amazing boot designs on incredible players. Steven Gerrard was marauding for Liverpool, Xavi was passing teams to death for Barcelona, Philip Lahm was dominating opponents at Bayern and Paul Pogba was lifting World Cups in them. It’s time for you to join this elite group, sort of.

Where to buy adidas Predators

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