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adidas Copa Mundial Football Boots

The truly iconic football boot. Created in 1979 by leading sportwear brand adidas, the Copa Mundial has served both the elite and grassroots heroes over the past 40+ years. Loved by all for their unrivalled comfort, these retro black and white legends will never go out of fashion. 


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What are adidas Copa Mundial?

It doesn’t get much more iconic than the original adidas Copa Mundial. Black with white tongue, stripes and sole, nothing flashy.

One of the best black football boots of all time has been used by some of the world’s top players, coaches (and even referees) since its creation in 1979. It's now morphed into the modern adidas Copa models.

They are often heralded as the most comfortable football boots ever made and they have a die-hard fan base who swear by the boot’s durability and feel.

Who wears adidas Copa Mundial?

Copa Mundials were made famous by heroes such as Franz Beckenbauer, Marco Tardelli, Diego Maradona and Oliver Kahn.

The Copa Mundial hasn’t been regularly worn by players professionally for some time, mainly due to advances in boot technology over the past few decades.

Today’s professional players are in search of lighter models and for the elite level, brands will provide their players with the latest models.

Now, the Copa Mundial is often noted as the best boot for coaches, referees and assistant referees on the world stage and certainly one of the best adidas boots around.

How to tie adidas Copa Mundial

There are a few ways to tie your adidas Copa Mundial, and sometimes it depends on how you wear your tongue. Are you a tongue down, tongue in or tongue up type?

Most people go for the standard cross-lace, this adds a tight and secure fit for the game. When it comes to tongue down, there is an option to wrap the laces around the sole of the boot and tie them over the tongue to stop it from flopping around when you run.

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