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Some of the greatest football boots ever created have had the famous three stripes on them. Find a deal on your next pair of legendary adidas Predator or Copa, grab a bargain on adidas ACE or discover the cheapest price for the latest X and Nemeziz here.

With a wide choice of men’s and kids’ laced and laceless boots in every surface type and colour, you’ll find what you need here at FOOTY.COM.

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What are the different models of adidas football boots?

It’s no secret that adidas have been, and still are, one of the most innovative football boot brands on the planet. Lionel Messi would probably attest to that, whilst he’s knocking in 50 goals a season wearing them. Their boot models use market-leading technology and materials to give every owner a much-welcomed edge over their opponents.

There are boots for every type of player; the adidas classics stay strong including the Copa Mundial, World Cup, Kaiser 5 through to the reimagined modern Copa. The adidas Predator needs no introduction, having altered the face of football boot design when it arrived in 1994, you can read about their full history on our blog.

Innovation is the neverending strategy, adidas shifted design ideas forward with the launch of the adidas X and Nemeziz models. These silos replaced the hugely popular ACE and F50 models, which had made millions of passes and scored thousands of goals worldwide during their time. If you’re unsure of which model is best for you, we’ve put together a useful guide on our blog to help.

Which surface types are adidas football boots available in?

Outdoors, you never quite know what conditions you’ll get dealt. As we’ve all come to expect, there’s a massive choice of quality soft ground (SG), firm ground (FG) and artificial ground (AG) options within adidas’ range, which means you won’t be caught out like Bambi on ice anymore.

When it comes to indoor football, it’s a bit more predictable. That shouldn’t stop you from getting the right footwear though, adidas offers both indoor trainers and astro turf soles too. Handy to know.

What do the numbers mean on adidas football boots?

On each model of adidas football boot, you’ll see a two digit number, usually followed by a full stop and another single digit number or a ‘+’ sign. These numbers refer to the year that the model was released, e.g. 2020 = ‘20’.

The second number refers to the level of boot, from ‘elite level’ down to ‘amateur’ on the following scale: ‘+ / .1 / .2 / .3 / .4’. The top levels of boot (+ and .1) are the most expensive, meaning they also contain the most innovative materials and tech.

E.g. (most expensive) <- 20+ / 20.1 / 20.2 / 20.3 / 20.4  -> (cheapest option)

Find cheap deals on adidas football boots

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Plus, if you're not sure which adidas boot you fancy, we've got a list of our favourites over on the FOOTY.COM blog. Winning.