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Yellow phoenix

2014 was supposed to be their year. After a relatively barren spell on the World’s biggest stage, Brazil welcomed everyone to their own backyard in what was supposed to be a month long carnival. That carnival ended in the most brutal of fashions. Hopes and dreams were reduced to a pile of ash 7 goals deep. But out of that pile of ash has emerged a team more powerful and determined to bring the trophy back to Brazil. This might be the best Brazilian team since 2002, and it’s a scary proposition for the rest of the world.

A lot has been made of the shade of yellow chosen by Nike and Brazil for the new home shirt, and for good reason. The canary yellow pops out immediately, a marvellous tribute to the Seleção team of the 1970s, back when football games were first broadcast in colour. The away shirt is an equally vibrant blue, with a subliminal star pattern that looks like an evolution of the superb Juventus Away 14/15 shirt. It all makes for a fitting uniform which will clothe a team no one wants to meet.