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How much would you have to pay a football parent?

The life of a football parent is often unglamorous, but it's a sacrifice which deserves to be celebrated.

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The life of a young footballer is busy. Come rain or shine, they’ll be gliding (or more likely trudging!) across pitches far and wide. But behind every aspiring professional is a parent who’s driven them to training a few days before, and who’s then washed their kit in preparation for the game, and maybe even had a kickabout with their son or daughter in the garden that same morning.

Parents are the backbone of grassroots football in many ways, and this Mother’s Day we’re celebrating the immense impact of footballing Mums and Dads across the country. Since keeping up with football-mad kids can often seem like a part-time job, we wanted to find out how much these parents could earn as a salary - if you were to pay them for their efforts.

In order to achieve this, we conducted a survey with the Manchester FA asking parents about the hours that go into supporting a footballing child. How many hours a week are spent ferrying kids to and from practices and games? If you were to pay a parent a salary for the time they give, what sort of figure are we talking about?

Let’s give it up for the unsung heroes.

Survey and data background

We (FOOTY.COM) worked closely with the Manchester FA to pull together data from parents who are responsible for at least one child who regularly plays football. Our survey sought to find out what a typical week looks like in terms of footballing activities, as well as any additional volunteer work for local clubs if applicable. In total there were 147 participants of the survey of various ages.

how much would you have to pay a football parent

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