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Women's EURO 2022 kits: every home shirt ranked

There have been a fair few delightful kit releases for Women’s EURO 2022 and as always, we’re here to rank them worst to best.

womens euro 2022 kits shirts ranked

It’s about time that we shine a gigantic spotlight on our fast-growing, wonderful women’s game. The EURO 2022 tournament hosted by England? Seems like the perfect time to us.

Over the course of July and August, 16 teams will compete to take home one of the greatest prizes in women’s international football. It’s going to be special.

We can’t wait for the festival of football, taking place in cities such as Manchester, Brighton, Southampton and Sheffield. All culminating in a packed-out final at Wembley.

Most of the teams will be draped in unique shirt releases for EURO 2022, rightly placing the women’s game on a pedestal this summer.

We’re here to rank every home shirt from worst to best. Please, don’t hate us…

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16. Iceland

iceland womens home shirt 2022
Image from Puma.

The first of four Puma x Liberty collab shirts in this list, and by far the worst. Maybe our expectations were too high, based on what we’ve previously seen from Iceland.

It’s pretty much a v-neck collar holding a bright red triangle, on top of plain blue medical scrubs. Oh, with a random strip of fauna thrown in.

There may be an outside chance that we’ll find better releases from the Iceland store’s staff uniform range.

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15. Portugal

portugal womens home shirt 2022
Image from Nike.

Even though the shirt itself is decent, there are no points from us for forcing the women to wear the (now old) men’s design.

Green and gold on maroon always works for Portugal, but we just can’t see past the laziness. Sorry.

In their defence, they were last-minute replacements. But we beg, create something unique to celebrate a truly unique tournament.

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14. Norway

norway womens home shirt 2022
Image from Nike.

This one is simply a bit template-y and meh. There is a touch of subtle patterning, but there is a distinct lack of detailing on any of the trims.

The Norweigans will have half a chance in this tournament, but their shirt doesn’t have a sniff in our league.

There’s Nor-way we’re loving this one but on a brighter note, take a look at the away shirt to see simplicity done well.

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13. Switzerland

switzerland womens home shirt 2022
Image from Puma.

Ah, Puma x Liberty are back with their iconic ‘flower power’ effect. This time it works. Well, only slightly more anyway.

The chunky cuffs, white trim collar and horizontal badging all work well together on this Switzerland shirt. But, is it interesting enough? Not for us unfortunately.

Much like staring during the constant ticking of a Swiss-made timepiece, after a short amount of time it becomes a little monotonous.

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12. Germany

germany womens home shirt 2022
Image from adidas.

Now, we move on to the first from adidas’ EURO 2022 collection. It’s a very stylish group, which often betters the men’s designs.

Before we start, we want to be clear that we’re big fans of centralised badges. They’re lovely. And adidas have applied them beautifully.

Unapologetically, Germany shirts are efficient. This is an excellent example, with black trims on white and touches of the German flag weaved in. It’s a clean classic.

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11. Finland

finland womens home shirt 2022
Image from Finland FA.

OK, laziness aside here. This is the men’s shirt, but with a lighter hue on the blue cross. We just can’t get past the fact that it’s still an awesome design.

There’s a very good chance that Finland will be getting thumped during this tournament, but my gosh, they’re going to look sharp as they do down swinging.

Weirdly, there isn’t much to say about this shirt, except it’s a genius use of the national flag.

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10. Spain

spain womens home shirt 2022
Image from adidas.

The hot favourites are in town, set to rip a home turf title from England’s fingertips. And Spain are rolling back the years with this one.

The strong use of country colours means that we can’t keep our eyes off it, and it’s giving us serious 1998 retro vibes too.

A v-neck collar, Spanish flag hems and yellow accenting are a perfect combination, much like we’ll see from Putellas and González this summer.

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9. Netherlands

netherlands womens home shirt 2022
Image from Nike.

The orange of the Netherlands never fails. It can be plain, it can be bold, but it’s always right. This solid effort hits hard, like a wooden clog to your shin.

The black accenting only makes the Dutch Republic Lion pounce more, whilst the clean, wraparound collar takes no attention away from the badge.

Vivenne Miedema? More like Vivienne Mie-damn. This will look the part against the green grass of EURO 2022.

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8. Denmark

denmark womens home shirt 2022
Image from hummel.

You can always trust hummel. They just get it. Yes it’s plain, but it’s the message behind it that we love. Share The Game.

The campaign was created to bring men’s and women’s football closer together, something which we can all get behind. Plus, a subtle pattern and a hummel chevron shoulder never hurt anyone, did they?

In our book, it’s as sweet as the pastries themselves and Denmark x hummel certainly don’t have to try any Harder here.

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7. Sweden

sweden womens home shirt 2022
Image from adidas.

OK, by this point we’re aware that the adidas designs are templated. The thing is, we don’t really mind. Especially in the yellow and blue of Sweden.

The zig-zag collar is a feature we’ll see a lot of this season (see: Arsenal), and we’re here for it. The navy ‘dripping’ shoulders only add to the clean style.

Don’t forget the ‘How To Stop Sweden’ guide too, now that’s a real power move. If you’re after something special, check out their away shirt as well. Oof.

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6. Northern Ireland

northern ireland home shirt 2022
Image from Irish FA.

A serious ‘70s retro feel to this one. The green of Northern Ireland sits under a chunky round collar and three stripes of pure adidas joy.

The badge is a perfect icon to sit in the middle of this sea of hexagon-laden, green Primeblue material. Again, it’s simple but strong.

The plucky Northern Irish will be far from expecting a cup win, but they’ll be hoping that they see this shirt go on a decent run.

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5. Belgium

belgium womens home shirt 2022
Image from adidas.

A Belgian black beauty. From our angle, it looks like the move away from the red men’s home shirt has worked out incredibly well.

As with most adidas shirts in this list, the colours of the national flag are incorporated beautifully. The styling here is almost as good as the photoshoot which announced the range.

We could waffle on about this one all day, but instead we’ll let the Belgians do the talking at EURO 2022.

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4. Austria

austria womens home shirt 2022
Image from Puma.

Now for something a little different to the rest. This Austrian number has a one-button slim collar, and a hefty eagle-clad badge slapped on the left chest. Blam.

As smooth as the contents of a Viennese whirl, the floral Liberty pattern works amazingly well as hoops, it turns out.

At long odds, the Austrians aren’t expected to show us a symphony of football, but they’re definitely set to dazzle in the kit stakes.

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3. England

england womens home shirt 2022
Image from Nike.

The Lionesses won’t be happy with third in this list, and there’s only one Bronze they’ll be happy to see in the tournament too. Like Lucy herself, this shirt is one of England’s finest.

It’s mainly down to the thing we all know and love: iridescent badge work. Oh, it’s exquisite. And it's the ideal way to spice up a crisp, white shirt which has minimal background patterning.

Can this England team write this shirt into the history books at Wembley? You’re damn right they can. It’s coming home.

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2. Italy

italy womens home shirt 2022
Image from Puma.

Fashion. Style. Italy. Those words often combine in a sentence, and it’s happened again. The final entry from a quartet of Puma x Liberty shirts ends up in second place.

Floral patterns on hoops also work with quadrants too, it would seem. And the Tricolore layout on a crew neck collar is simply sensational.

The powerful, clean blue sitting on the left chest makes the badge pop. Make no mistake, this shirt is as smooth and tasty as gelato from the streets of Rome.

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1. France

france womens home shirt 2022
Image from Nike.

It’s not even a close contest, this shirt is the best thing to come out of France since sliced baguette. Like Wendie Renard herself, it’s leagues ahead of its rivals.

Where to start? Les Bleues seam ticker tape. Beautiful neoclassical pattern. Tricolore sleeve tag. Oooh la la, indeed.

The French will be in the mix at EURO 2022, but they’re going to stand out from the rest in this get up. One more cliché? OK. *Chef’s kiss*

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