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West Ham 2019/20 kit reviews and leaks - updated regularly

Want all the latest thoughts and info on West Ham's kits for the 2019 season? This is for you.

West Ham 2019/20 kit reviews and leaks - updated regularly
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West Ham 2019/20 Home Shirt - Review


Umbro are calling back to what might be the most famous West Ham shirt of all time, at least from a design perspective. The shirt in question is the late 70s home shirt by Admiral, a distinctive design at a time when Admiral were undisputed kings of the football shirt world.

The shirt is notable for its large section of light blue at the top, containing multiple pinstripes in claret and all forming together in a slight ‘v’ shape. Other details include a large, wide flappy collar with further pinstripe detailing with even more pinstripes found on the cuffs too.

It’s a design which has been crying out to be brought back, and though the 2019/20 home shirt isn’t a direct copy of the classic design, it’s arguably the first West Ham shirt since the days of Trevor Brooking to nod to the 70s in a more deliberate way.

west ham home shirt chest
Image from Umbro.

Most Hammers home kits in the years since have kept any light blue to the sleeves of the kit, so the bold top section of blue feels quite fresh by comparison.


The design of the new West Ham shirt contains a number of interesting details which are easy to miss at first glance.

west ham home shirt shoulder detail
Image from Umbro.

Umbro did a fantastic job last year utilising their double diamond design in bold and creative ways. Most of their 2018/19 shirts for example featured the motif on the cuffs. For 2019, they’re returning to a more understated approach, but the look can still be found at the top of West Ham’s shirts. If I’m honest, the pattern looks a little like it’s peeling off, but the overall effect is still strong.

It’s worth highlighting the number of ways the new shirt differs from the late 70s design. Although the light blue portion of the shirt is similar, the stripes within the new shirt are a faded, darker blue as opposed to the claret of the 70s shirt. The ‘v’ shape of the original design has also been traded in, in favour of a straighter, more modern look.

west ham home shirt
Image from Umbro.

The changes don’t end there. In what is becoming something of a welcome trend, we have a tidy wraparound collar on the 2019 shirt.

Sadly the pinstripe detailing on the neck and cuffs is missing, though the away shirt (reviewed below) makes up for this. Of course we also have a sponsor in the 2019 design, though notably both the home and away shirts are available to buy without the sponsor, a superb touch from the club, Umbro and sponsors.

Lasting impression

west ham home shirt sponsorless
Image from West Ham United.

It’s one thing to try and replicate the magic of an old kit, but it’s another thing to introduce several new elements in order to freshen up a design, and still maintain some of what made the old kit great.

Quite simply I think Umbro have done this with the 2019/20 West Ham home shirt.

Although I miss details like the pinstripes on the cuffs and collar, and would’ve liked to have seen the stripes in the blue section to be claret, there is still so much to like about this kit. It’s gets even better when you stack this up with the away shirt, with the two complementing one another beautifully.

West Ham Home Shirt 2019/20 Review Score - 86/100

West Ham 2019/20 Away Shirt - Review


Umbro have doubled down on their retro efforts by creating an away shirt from West Ham that, like the home shirt, harks back to the glory days of the late 70s. This away shirt in particular channels the shirt worn during the Hammers famous FA Cup win against Arsenal in the 79/80 season.

Interestingly, 1980 was the last time a team outside the top division won the FA Cup, and it’s a fitting source of inspiration. The away kit in general is perhaps not as well known as the home kit of the same era, but it’s none the less a stunning design which if anything has been elevated in this new kit.

west ham away shirt cuffs
Image from Umbro.

Multiple features have carried over to the present day interpretation, with the cuff and collar detailing being the star of the show.


West Ham and Umbro have got all the details right with this shirt. Things like the crest, which for many teams can be an afterthought when it comes to the overall aesthetic, have been incorporated perfectly with a two tone colour scheme matching the rest of the shirt.

west ham away shirt crest
Image from Umbro.

The previously mentioned detailing on the cuffs and collar work particularly well also. Given how relatively plain the rest of the shirt is, a lot is riding on the cuffs and collar to provide some sort of focal point. It absolutely works, and given how similar the look is to the 1980 kit it’s a superb decision all round to make that part of the shirt the hero.

It’s also interesting to me to see the small light blue shoulder strips from the home adopted once again for the away, a decision I don’t mind at all. The sleeve sponsor also looks better on the away, thanks to a simple black colourway matching the main sponsor.

west ham home and away shirts
Image from Umbro.

Like the home shirt, there are also sponsorless versions of the away shirt in both short and long sleeve. The sponsorless version of this away shirt is one you can stare at for a little while.

Lasting impression

west ham away shirt sponsorless
Image from West Ham United.

I’ll be honest, I expected Umbro to regress slightly this year in terms of designs after a stellar 2018/19. If anything though, they’ve gone one better in 2019/20.

This away shirt screams class at every corner, and with a more memorable sponsor we’d be looking at one of my favourite Premier League shirts of the past decade. It’s no exaggeration to say I expect this shirt to be the best away shirts of the league, if not the world.

West Ham Away Shirt 2019/20 Review Score - 94/100

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