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The UK's top-selling Euro 2020 shirts (that aren't home nations)

When the home nations (inevitably) get knocked out, who’s our second team at Euro 2020? We looked into shirt sales to find out…

UK's top selling Euro 2020 shirts

We won’t skim over the fact that England, Scotland and Wales will be exiting Euro 2020 early. C’mon, we can all dream but, at some point, we’re all going to plummet to earth quicker than Mo Salah in the penalty box. When the inevitable happens, which nation do we turn to?

As it happens, it’s not only an office sweepstake that’s able to sway our vote for another nation. Football shirts seem to be a major deciding factor and, as luck has it, there are some absolute beauties on offer at Euro 2020. If we love one thing on the British Isles, it’s a beautiful football shirt.

To figure out who the nation’s “second” national team truly is, we looked into which other countries sell the most shirts here in the UK. Yep, we delved into sales figures and Google search data to find the most popular shirts at the Euros - which don’t belong to any of the home nations.

You better make sure you’re sitting down for this. The results may surprise you just a tad…

Top-selling Euro 2020 shirts (from 21-11)

Images from Nike.

It won’t be a huge surprise that North Macedonia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Slovakia and Hungary prop up the table. After all, there’s a large chance that the tournament will turn out in a similar way (apologies in advance to those nations). The Slovakia home shirt is without doubt the pick of the bunch, but it would seem it’s not strong enough to sway us Brits completely.

The big surprise for us here is Denmark sitting at a meagre 13th, amongst the rotten Puma kits of Austria (16th) and Czech Republic (15th). The Danes’ hummel home shirt is as strong as ever (plus an amazing third kit) and with Premier League players like Vestergaard, Schmeichel and Højbjerg in their ranks, we were sure they’d feature higher.

It seems the UK’s Lewandowski fans don’t want to pull on the sharp Poland kits either, as they can only muster up a 14th place finish. The widely acclaimed kits of Finland (11th) are a smidgen away from a UK top 10 hit, with their flag-bearing home shirt becoming one of the most talked about releases of the tournament, and rightly so. Without further ado and with the minnows brushed aside, it’s time to explore the top 10 in detail.

10. Croatia

Images from Nike.

They knocked England out of the World Cup, but we've had a little bit of revenge this time at the Euros. It must be the sheer weight of Scotland fans looking for shirts that has pumped Croatia up to number 10. As we’ve come to expect, the Croatia home shirt is another checkered classic. A perfectly balanced blend of red, white and blue, which will no doubt have non-group D Wales fans worshipping it.

9. Turkey

Images from Nike.

UK residents are huge fans of lots of Turkish things: kebabs, barbers, summer holidays. But fans of their football team? Surprisingly it turns out, we don’t mind that too much either. Turkey have snuck into this list at #9, and we believe it’s mostly down to their smart home and away shirts, with bold chest bands and central badges included. Oh, and maybe a bit of Çağlar Söyüncü’s glorious mane.

8. Sweden

Images from adidas.

Everybody loves the Swedes, right? They’ll be much less threatening without Zlatan this summer, that’s for sure. They did England a favour in the 2018 World Cup by letting us beat them 2-0, no complaints from us there. If only putting together Ikea furniture was that simple. We reckon the main reason for high search volume here is most likely due to their exquisite pinstriped away shirt release though, it’s ABBAsolutely (sorry) excellent.

7. Belgium

Images from adidas.

On the flipside, Belgium beat England twice at the 2018 World Cup. Have we let bygones be bygones? It certainly looks that way with the Belgians in at #7. It could be the De Bruyne, Tielemans ermmm, Trossard connection that’s fuelled searches for this kit, as the home and away kits are good without setting the world alight. Maybe it’s just down to the fact that we all love quality beer, chocolate and fries?

6. Spain

Images from adidas.

Tika-taka is dead. But it seems the home nations still have a soft spot for Spanish football, or maybe, it’s just cheap holidays in the sun we like? Either way, Spain have a couple of decent kits for this year that are somewhat understated, which could be a handy tactic for sneaking under the radar after their last abysmal Euro outing in 2016. Sergio Ramos will no doubt be wearing his shirt at home, alone. Ouch.

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5. Italy

Images from Puma.

A surprising entry at number 5, as the Italian team tends to rub the home nations up the wrong way. They simply don’t play the game like we do, it’s all rolls and screams, and… passing? Italy is a team which has unfortunately suffered at the hands of Puma’s recent Euro kit overhaul. The chest stamping of “Italia'' onto an abyss of nothingness. They should have stuck with the majestic original releases from last summer. Ahhh, those were the days.

4. Portugal

Images from Nike.

Ronaldo shirts. They’re everywhere. And chuck in a couple of lovely designs from Nike for the Portuguese outing this summer, then you’re onto a winner. We’re also fairly sure a raft of searches came in from Manchester in support of Bruno and Ruben, two talismen from the red and blue sides. There’s only one thing England fans ask: just no winking this time, yeah?

3. Netherlands

Images from Nike.

An hour-long jaunt over to Amsterdam? We all enjoy it. It’s no surprise that our zesty neighbours over the water sit at #3. The cool, relaxed nature of the Dutch people has slipped into their shirt design over the years, and it’s happened again. The home shirt is a triumph of orange with keyline detailing, with the black away polo is an impactful statement. It’s just a shame they have to come to terms with the fact that their new Marco Van Basten is Memphis Depay.

2. France

Images from Nike.

Don’t believe what you read in the news, we actually love our neighbours over the Channel. They sit at number 2 in our list, and we have a sneaking suspicion it’s down to their beautiful home and away kit designs for the Euros. Throw a little bit of Kylian Mbappé appreciation in there too, of course. The two French shirts somehow manage to be a perfect mix of elegant, stylish and stripey, a little like Mr. Paul Pogba himself.

1. Germany

Images from adidas.

I know, it’s absolute madness right? We’re sure that Germany is the side that’s inflicted the most damage on the home nations over the years. Yet here we are, deciding we’re more than happy to adopt them as our second team! Crazy times we live in. We have a niggling feeling it’s something to do with that pesky adidas blackout shirt that in our opinion, should go down as a work of art. Even if it does make them look like the baddies from Die Hard: Euro Finals. Just as long as none of us have to witness it in a shootout, eh?

The final table: top-selling Euro 2020 shirts

top selling euro 2020 football shirts in the UK with ranking
Image from FOOTY.COM

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