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Top 8 retro England shirts to get for £30

It’s coming home. Maybe? You don’t want to spend too much just in case. We’ve picked out the top retro England shirts for the reasonable sum of £30.

Top 10 retro England shirts to get for £30

After a slight delay of a year, it’s finally time to pull on our England shirts and let it come home again. That’s the dream. The squad is strong, the weather is picking up and the pubs are (somewhat) open. Everything is falling into place beautifully, and it’s time for the new boys to take it one step further than that glorious summer in ‘96.

England fans seem confident, with our bashful chorus of Three Lions and our inner city estates awash with St. George’s flags. But deep down, we’re anxious and expecting the worst. That’s why we’re here to talk about you only having to chuck in £30 for a retro England shirt. After all, it’s (hopefully) going to have beer chucked all over it at some point?

The great thing about retro England shirts is that whichever era you’re from, you’re going to find something that brings back that childhood feeling of major tournament buzz. And nowadays, it doesn’t have to hurt the pocket. Here are some crackers from yesteryear…

1982 Home

Image from 3Retro.

1996 Home

Image from Kitbag.

1966 Away

Image from 3Retro.

1990 Home

Image from 3Retro.

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 1982 Away

Image from 3Retro.

1998 Home

Image from Kitbag.

2002 Home

Image from 3Retro.

1990 Away

Image from 3Retro.

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