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Top 6 new 2021/22 kits (and where to buy them)

Yeah, it's still early days, but here are the best 2021-22 shirts you can already get hold of!

top new 2021-22 kits

Get your brollies ready, folks. It just won’t stop raining football shirts. 

While the current season still draws to a close, we’ve already been treated to a whirlwind of new kits for 2021/22. Some have been good, others have been bad, but there’s no doubt this relentless storm is making our shopping lists pretty darn long. RIP, bank account. 

So, I’ve put together a very quick list of the best new shirts you can already get hold of, and even pointed out where to get the lowest prices. If you’re more patient than me, it’s really easy to sign up for price alerts and find out when a shirt has been discounted. 

Either way, let’s dive into the best shirts of 2021/22 so far.

6. Borussia Dortmund - 2021/22 Home Shirt

Price: From £70 (Men’s)

Image from Puma.

This is in here just for the sleeve pattern. The sponsor looks just as bad as last season, but those sleeves save Dortmund from having yet another nightmare - despite the inexplicable shoulder panel. Shudder. 

Those little pinstripes give us a lovely blast from the past, sending us right back to the 90s and the best Dortmund shirts ever. Alright, so this doesn’t even touch those iconic designs, but it’s still a step in the right direction. 

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5. Ajax - 2021/22 Away Shirt

Price: From £65.00 (Men’s)

Image from adidas.

Ajax away shirts just hit different. This isn’t as jaw-dropping as last season’s effort, but their new 2021/22 design still has me hovering over that pesky “Add to Basket” button. 

The striped pattern is nothing to write home about, but it’s Ajax’s use of unique colours which really sets them apart. Once again, the Dutch champions are making the most of their adidas template, and I’m absolutely here for it. 

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4. RB Leipzig - 2021/22 Home Shirt

Price: From £69.95 (Men’s)

Image from Nike.

Say what you will about RB Leipzig, they’re getting pretty good at this whole football shirt thing. This new design is bold, brilliant, and a great reminder of how much I love raspberry ripple. Yum. 

And the best part? The same striking pattern features on their away shirt, too, and that looks even better than this (you just can’t buy it yet). Yeah, it’s impossible to ignore such a strong one-two punch. 

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3. Arsenal - 2021/22 Away Shirt

Price: From £60.00 (Men’s)

Image from adidas.

Arsenal really have nailed the football shirt game. Forget the “Bruised Banana”, this is more like some kinda “Lovely Lemon” - but it definitely doesn’t leave a bitter taste in the mouth. Unlike some of their performances. Ahem. 

The return of the cannon crest was always gonna go down a treat, especially on such a clean and smart design. adidas and Arsenal: name a more iconic duo. 

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2. Bayern Munich - 2021-22 Away Shirt

Price: From £70.00 (Men’s)

Image from adidas.

Black and gold shirts just never get old. I don’t care if this colourway has been done to death, Bayern’s new away shirt looks absolutely majestic. 

Joining the likes of Barcelona, Ajax and, uh, West Ham, Bayern are the latest members of the prestigious Black and Gold Club. I wonder if they get special membership cards. 

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1. Marseille - 2021/22 Home Shirt

Price: From £70.00 (Men’s)

Image from Puma.

Here we go. This is the best 2021/22 shirt you can actually get hold of right now. 

Marseille’s fantastic new home shirt is inspired by the famous design of 1989/90, back when they won the French title and Chris Waddle had a haircut for the ages. In fact, a good mullet is compulsory if you wanna go for this bad boy. 

Just look straight past the Uber Eats sponsor, and admire those glorious sleeves and side panels instead. This is a proper Marseille shirt, which is why I’m itching to buy one. 

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The new shirt releases have only just begun, so there’ll be plenty more where this came from over the next few weeks. 

To keep you up to date, we’re listing all the latest 2021/22 kits in one very handy place. You can even sign up with Footy and get alerts every time something new drops! That’s not too shabby at all, really. 

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