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Top 8 Kappa Football Kits of 2019 - The eagles are coming

Kappa are no strangers to a good football shirt, as 2019 has already proven.

Top 8 Kappa Football Kits of 2019 - The eagles are coming

I’m very happy to see Kappa riding so high at the moment.

Much like Umbro, the brand has managed to navigate the murky waters of the 00s and 10s, and there are now signs that the glory days of the 90s could be returning in some ways.

2019 is set to be an exciting year for Kappa, with Aston Villa proudly carrying their banner into the Premier League. It’s outside of England though where their best work can be found, and on both the club and international scene there are several beautiful kits decorated with the famous “Omini” logo.

Here are my 8 favourite Kappa shirts of 2019, and it’s fair to say this has ended up being a very strong crop of shirts.

NOTE: This blog will be updated with any new Kappa kits that come out following the initial publication date

8. Genoa 2019/20 Away Kit

Image from Genoa.

First up are Kappa new boys Genoa. The famous Italian side have bounced around a few different manufacturers over the past decade, but they now find themselves in the good hands of their fellow Italians.

It’s great to see a return of a much crisper, sharper set of bands across the chest after last year’s more abstract interpretation, and there are no unnecessary distractions with the collar either. This is a very good foundation for future kits in the coming seasons.

7. Aldosivi 2019/20 Home Kit

aldosivi 2019 home shirt
Image from Aldosivi.

The first of two kits from Argentina in this list, Club Atlético Aldosivi are a club whose kit history reads like a treasure trove of potential West Brom away shirts. There’s a lot more going on here than just a yellow and green colour scheme however, Kappa have brought the heat with thick stripes and a line-based pattern across the green section of the chest that reminds me a little bit of a portion of the bruised banana design.

The pattern in combination with yellow and green details throughout is a bold look, but it works in my book.

6. Racing Club 2019/20 Home Kit

racing 2019 home shirt
Image from Racing Club.

If you’re a team that wears stripes, it can be tricky to keep your kits fresh year after year. Sure, you could ‘do a Juve’ and ditch the stripes altogether, but how do you manage to bring in something new without completely compromising your visual identity?

Something like this from Racing and Kappa does the job. The club’s usual stripes have been remixed with a geometric gradient at both ends. It’s a nice look, but my favourite aspect of the design is the replication of that gradient pattern on both sleeves. It ties the whole shirt together, leaving us with a strong end aesthetic.

5. Angers 2019/20 Special Kit

Image from Kappa.

Anniversary shirts are now to be expected for any club approaching a special birthday. Some tribute shirts hit more notes than others though, and Kappa’s effort for Angers has not gone unnoticed.

The details are sparse but expertly chosen, with essentially just the letters of retro crest and some year detailing on the back alongside a tiny Tricolour.

4. Charleroi 2019/20 Away Kit

Charleroi 2019 away shirt
Image from Kappa.

I have a real and lasting affection for shirts that look like bus seats. I’ve said it before in this series (I’m planning to unveil a ‘Top 8 bus seat shirts’ list very soon…) and I’ll continue to say it until the cows come home.

Charleroi’s new 2019 away shirt fits the bus seat criteria to perfection, with a criss-cross, grid pattern coloured with three shades of blue and flecks of pink. Kappa are no strangers to an intricate design, and their experience has paid off in a big way here.

3. Western United 2019/20 Away Kit

Charleroi 2019 away shirt
Image from Kappa.

Western United are a new team this season, joining Australia’s A-League and playing their first game later this year, and they’ve made a seismic impression already in the kit world.

Their green, white and black geometric masterpiece of an away shirt is sure to be one of the more memorable designs of the year, and it’s a nice development on some of the other designs Kappa have been producing recently including their range of shirts for Napoli last year. Like those Napoli kits, we have a bit of a hidden detail in the corner of the shirt, this time with the West United crest nesting in the bottom left of the design.

2. Monaco 2019/20 Away Kit

Image from Kappa.

In one of the biggest manufacturer ‘transfers’ of the summer, Kappa have run back into the open arms of Monaco, rekindling a beautiful (and sadly too brief) friendship that was a highlight of the late 90s-early 00s era of kits.

I’m very happy to report that the first away kit of act 2 is a huge success. A black and gold colour scheme is enough in itself to carry a shirt, but it’s the subtle diamond pattern throughout that does it for me. It feels completely Monaco, and it elevates what was already a great look into ‘best shirt of the year’ territory. Remarkably though, this is not my favourite Kappa shirt of 2019...

1. Tunisia 2019/20 Third Kit

Image from Kappa.

Is this not the most intimidating shirt you’ve ever seen? How could I not put this in first place?

In all seriousness, Tunisia’s latest third shirt is a joy to behold. The eagle design reminds me again of Kappa’s work with Napoli last season, though I think the eagle goes one better than the panther. It’s such a shame Kappa weren’t on board in time for the World Cup last year. Had that been the case, this would’ve been one of the most talked about shirts of the year.

At least we can talk about it this year.

Honourable mentions

Velez Sarsfield Away

Aston Villa Away

Napoli Home

Lorient Third

Betis Home

Thanks for checking out my favourite Kappa shirts of 2019. To compare prices and find a range of cheap football kits, keep it here at FOOTY.COM.

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