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Top 8 Hummel Football Kits of 2019 - Living in a flamingo world

hummel are absolutely killing it across the board this year, which made choosing just 8 shirts very tricky.

Top 8 Hummel Football Kits of 2019 - Living in a flamingo world

When did your love affair with hummel begin?

Was it the time when you first glanced at the 80s ‘Danish Dynamite’ shirt? Maybe it was when you saw one of the club shirts that used the same half and half design as Denmark? If you’re a Spurs fan, we all know what you’re thinking about at this point.

Whether your team has had the privilege of being kitted out by hummel at some point or not, there’s no denying the appeal of a kit that features that little bee logo. As we continue to ride a wave of nostalgia at the moment in the world of football kits, no one is banging the drum louder than the Danish brand who are bringing forward many of their old designs for a new audience.

It would be wrong to pigeon hole hummel as simply ‘nostalgia merchants’ though. Fresh thinking can just as easily be found alongside the throwback designs, particularly when you look outside of Europe, and I would personally argue that no one except Umbro is having as good a year across the board.

To try and make my case I’ve pulled together my 8 favourite hummel shirts released so far in 2019. There’s a distinctive Danish and English flavour, with a dash of something from the Netherlands, Japan and the U.S. thrown in.

Prepare to be jealous.

NOTE: This blog will be updated with any new hummel kits that come out following the initial publication date

8. AGF Aarhus 2019/20 Home Kit

agf aarhus home kit
Image from hummel.

hummel are based in the city of Aarhus in Denmark, and it’s great to see that the company has reserved some of their best efforts for their neighbours.

The latest AGF Aarhus home shirt is a beauty best appreciated up close. Subtle red and black pinstripes dovetail neatly around the various details of the kit, and everything from the crest to the sponsors look like they belong. And unsurprisingly, like many of the best hummel designs, we have some gorgeous looking chevrons across the shoulders.

7. Charlton Athletic 2019/20 Away Kit

Image from hummel.

I considered including both the Charlton home and away shirts in the list, such is my love for the set, but in the end it’s the away which has won out.

There’s something very 90s about purple and green together on a kit, but hummel’s usage of the combo on this particular kit moves things in a completely different, much sleeker direction. The black base acts as a tonic to the purple and green, and the addition of white details round off the look. Horizontal pinstripes are underutilised in the world of shirts, and it all combines to help make this one of my favourite shirts in England.

Oh and I can’t forget to mention the half and half chevrons, which look amazing in purple on top of the black.

6. Go Ahead Eagles 2019/20 Away Kit

go ahead eagles away kit
Image from hummel.

Go Ahead Eagles are my ‘Football Manager team’. They also have the best club name in football. And this season, their kits are also some of the best in the game.

The wavy pattern across both the chest and back is a real show-stopper, and the black, grey and gold colour scheme is classy with enough character to separate itself from the pack of black and gold kits. This is a good example of the creativity you’ll typically find in a hummel design.

5. Brøndby 2019/20 Away Kit

Image from hummel.

Brøndby are one of the great hummel teams. The partnership bore much fruit in the late 80s and early 90s, and in the present day things are going just as well.

My pick of their shirts this year is the attractive blue away shirt. On other designs the three shades of blue would be a bit much, but here everything is balanced to perfection in an understated take on the striped aesthetic. All yellow details pop against the base, and the chevrons acts as cherries on top of a tasty looking cake.

4. Coventry City 2019/20 Home Kit

coventry home
Image from hummel.

Is this the ultimate retro-inspired shirt?

Kit enthusiasts everywhere took notice when hummel announced they were heading back to Coventry this year, and the resulting home shirt has delivered in a big way. That half and half design from the 80s is back, with a few modern twists.

Though the aesthetic of the old design is very much present in the use of thin pinstripe sections alongside blocks of solid colour, we actually have more of a quartered, Bristol Rovers-esque look achieved through the use of gradients.

Fans of any other team who enjoyed the original design ought to be queueing up at the doors of hummel HQ to request the same for their teams next year.

3. V-Varen Nagasaki 2019/20 Peace Kit

Image from hummel.

For a number of years hummel have produced ‘peace jerseys’ for Japanese club V-Varen Nagasaki, commemorating the tragic bombings of 1945.

These shirts have consistently been some of the most beautiful designs across all football, and in 2019 things are no different. The predominantly pink look combines elements of last year’s playful away (voted as the 18th best shirt of 2018) in the ‘scribbly’ lines and overlapping shapes which resemble hearts.

hummel remain undefeated in this category for another year.

2. Cambridge United 2019/20 Away Kit

Image from hummel.

A lot of people pine for shirts that resemble those of the 90s, but we rarely see designs which actually manage to recapture the magic of the decade. Too often a sponsor ruins the illusion, or the flamboyancy of the original pattern ends up being tempered almost beyond recognition.

hummel know what they’re doing though. Cambridge United have been gifted a magnificent white and blue away shirt which evokes their peak 90s 1993 away shirt, bringing through the distinctive blue ‘litmus test’ pattern for a modern audience. Alongside this bold look, all the details have been incorporated perfectly, making this both one of the most audacious and considered designs of the year.

1. Forward Madison 2019/20 Third Kit

coventry home
Image from hummel.

If you like football shirt design, you need to be following the North American scene. Outside of the relatively vanilla MLS, there are a bucketload of teams mixing things up with creative, often wacky designs.

In 2019, no one sums this up better than Forward Madison FC. The Flamingos have run with their memorable nickname to create one of the most ambitious kit collections I can think of. Their pink third shirt in particular is a stunner, and it might just be my favourite hummel kit this year.

The only way I can think to describe the design is that it looks like the lovechild of the Nigeria shirt and, well, a flamingo. What more could you want?

Honourable mentions

Boro away

Coventry Away

Rangers Home

Charlton Home

Providence City FC HAMR


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