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Top 8 adidas Football Kits of 2019 - Come to Besiktas

I don’t think this is adidas’ best year, but they’ll never stop producing beautiful kits.

Top 8 adidas Football Kits of 2019 - Come to Besiktas

In the world of football shirts, adidas lead a charmed life.

No brand is completely shielded from criticism, but it’s fair to say the three stripes as a whole enjoy a reputation which is stronger than most.

Throughouts the late 80s and early 90s adidas absolutely cleaned up, producing many of the kits which people to this day consider to be some of the greatest of all time. Fans of teams like Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United long for kits that hark back to those earlier decades, when their club would regularly turn out in a stunning adidas kit.

But we’re in the business of 2019, not 1989. Despite their standing in the industry, cracks are beginning to appear in the adidas armour due to their unfortunate approach of producing striped kits with a blank back, and also a fondness for templates which is bordering on over-reliance.

However, when adidas get it right, they get it really right. This is a list of shirts from this year which have reminded us of what makes adidas so great.

NOTE: This blog will be updated with any new adidas kits that come out following the initial publication date

8. Hamburg 2019/20 Home Kit

Image from adidas.

I’m a big fan of incorporating the design of a team’s crest into the wider aesthetic of a kit. Sometimes this can be in very subtle ways, such as a repeat pattern featuring elements of a crest, and other times brands really emphasise the approach.

Hamburg’s latest home shirt is the latter, with a double vertical stripe which effectively takes the blue and black background elements of the classic ‘diamond flag’ crest and runs with it from top to bottom. It’s a creative direction which feels fresh and retro at the same time.

7. Sweden 2019/20 Home Kit

Image from adidas.

Our earlier TOP 8 NIKE FOOTBALL KITS OF 2019 blog featured a couple of notable shirts from this year’s Women’s World Cup, and adidas are no different in that they brought some great designs to the tournament in France.

Sweden’s lovely design, inspired by the classic yellow and blue adidas getup from 1994, flew under the radar in comparison some of the louder kits this summer, but it remains one of my favourite kits of the year thanks to the way that famous 90s pattern has been brought forward for a new audience. (more on that idea later on…).

6. Philadelphia Union 2019/20 Away Kit

Image from adidas.

adidas’ kits for the MLS were a little underwhelming as a whole this season, but there were a couple of diamonds in the rough. My second favourite such diamond can be found in Philadelphia.

I’m all about considered colour choices, and The U have ticked all the right boxes with a shirt full of gorgeous details that don’t get in the way of each other, in a way which other shirts often do due to colour clashes. The sunbeam pattern emanating from a snake detail is a lovely marriage of intrigue.

5. Sao Paulo 2019/20 Away Kit

sao paulo 2019 away shirt
Image from adidas.

I can usually take or leave the ‘glitch’ style (seen on a number of adidas kits in the MLS for examples), but the way that approach has been used on the latest Sao Paulo away kit is a joy to behold.

The almost pixelated stripes add great depth to the design, and Sao Paulo’s red, black and white colour scheme pops beautifully. Best of all the central line of the crest runs through as a pinstripe on the shirt, and details like that help elevate a kit from the crowd.

4. Vancouver Whitecaps 2019/20 Home Kit

Image from adidas.

I’ve mentioned details a couple of times on this list, and the Vancouver Whitecaps kit features some beautiful bespoke detailing which tops most of what you’ll find on any other shirt in the game. A maple leaf emblem (complete with retro font) is a highlight, but don’t miss the retro crest detailing further down the shirt also.

A central block of colour also just happens to be one of my favourite designs, and this is just the latest in a string of decent kits Vancouver fans have been blessed with over recent seasons.

3. Germany 2019/20 Home Kit

Image from adidas.

The most recent Germany men’s team shirt was a great idea which missed the mark as a whole in my opinion, but the new women’s shirt surpassed its predecessor in a big way this year.

adidas’ contemporary interpretation of the greatest shirt of all time was decidedly more patriotic, and the pattern also sat better on the shirt rather than breaking in awkward places.

If only other modern designs could enjoy a redo as good as this.

2. Arsenal 2019/20 Home Kit

Image from adidas.

I hope you’re not surprised to this shirt on the list (though maybe you expected it to be #1?).

adidas have rejoined Arsenal with a bang, and on a year when many of adidas’ big European clubs have arguably taken a step back in terms of design, The Gunners have bucked the trend by coming out of the blocks very, very fast.

The highlight of this smart kit is the cuff and collar detailing. It’s been a great year for that area of the shirt, and this Arsenal kit does it better than almost anyone.

1. Besiktas 2019/20 Home Kit

besiktas 2019 home shirt
Image from adidas.

How about those Besiktas boys, hey? (inc. Loris Karius).

I didn’t expect anyone to pip Arsenal to the post, but I am absolutely loving this design which harks back to the days when adidas were kings of the football shirt world.

Any time the three stripes utilise their three stripes in a bold way such as this, I'm listening. Due to branding restrictions it’s rare to see in the modern game, but it is hard to beat on those times when we do see it. Like many of the great adidas kits of last year (Colombia’s home kit for example), this Besiktas number plays to the strengths of their makers to great effect.

Honourable mentions

Flamengo Away

Ajax Away

Colombia Home

Spain Women's Home

Arsenal Away

Thanks for checking out this list! I’m working my way through all the major brands this summer so be sure to check back for more new content. And if all this shirt talk has got you in the mood for buying cheap football kits, we compare prices on shirts from hundreds of different retailers to bring you the best deals possible!

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