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Top 50 football shirts of 2022/23

Hold tight, it's the one we've all waited for. We've (foolishly) attempted to rank the 50 best football shirts of 2022/23.

best 50 football shirts of the year 2022-23

It’s that time of year, the time of reflection. All the releases have happened and we’ve had a chance to chew upon and digest them all.

We love football kits. Long sleeve or short, collar or crew neck, dark or dazzlingly bright. We’re here for every bit.

It's almost impossible to rank the best shirts of the season, but we’re going to have a ruddy good go at it.

We’ve pulled in some of our favourite kit fanatics to help us out, which means you’ll see choices from @shirt_fan, @kit_geek, @WinksFootball@knockemdownes, @Kititout1, @kitforbrains & @j8ghost.

We’d like to add the disclaimer that shirt design is completely subjective, so please don’t hate us if you disagree. Play nice, people.

Settle yourself in, here we go…

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The best 50 football shirts of 2022/23

50. Vermont Green FC (Third)

vermont green third shirt 2022-23 in green
Images from Vermont Green FC.

The USA's newest and greenest team arrived this season with bag loads of style. Forget their trio of shirts, their merch is top notch too.

This third (or alternate) kit is a dark, leafy pattern which fits perfectly with the club's theme "to be green". It's very tidy.

- Kevan Thorpe, FOOTY.COM

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49. Atletico Madrid (Home)

atletico madrid home shirt 2022-23 in red and white
Image from Atletico Madrid FC.

This shirt is here for one reason and one reason only: it’s the shirt that the US national team should have had this year, instead of the T90 tribute act they actually got.

Plus, it’s so tricky to do something different with stripes every year, kudos for breaking the mould.

- @kitforbrains

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48. Burnley (Home)

burnley fc home shirt 2022-23 in maroon and blue
Images from Burnley FC.

Design? Check. Sponsor? Check. Collar? Check. Burnley's home shirt is ticking all the right boxes for me this season. A funky dark maroon and light blue abstract design pairs perfectly with chunky sleeves and v-neck collar.

Our friends over at Classic Football Shirts take charge of the Clarets' sponsorship this season, making an already class shirt all that more… classic. One for the football archives this!

- Rowan Leng, FOOTY.COM

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47. Crewe Alexandra (Away)

crewe alexandra away shirt 2022-23 in blue and navy
Image from Crewe Alexandra FC.

A unique colour scheme in the English lower leagues, sees light and dark blue stripes with red trim in Crewe Alexandra’s away kit.

This is something different and stands out to me as a great shirt and design.

- @kit_geek

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46. Rayo Vallecano (Home)

rayo vallecano home shirt 2022-23 in white and red
Image from Rayo Vallecano.

I love an interesting sash design, as do we all. And this Rayo Vallecano number is intriguing and different.

They'll be hoping they don't get relegated this season and make that downward arrow become meme material, but for now it looks super classy from Umbro.

- Kevan Thorpe, FOOTY.COM

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45. Celtic (Away)

celtic away shirt 2022-23 in green and black
Images from Celtic FC.

A retro throwback to the Celtic of old with a sprinkle of modern pizazz makes the away shirt a serious bit of clobber. Styled on their 1992/93 number with a design that’s aged like a fine wine, the black base with green pinstripes is a classy combination.

It’s a shame that the Hoops look to be crashing out of the Champions League at the first hurdle, as this is deserving of airtime on football's biggest stage!

- Rowan Leng, FOOTY.COM

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44. Bournemouth (Home)

bournemouth home shirt 2022-23 in red and black
Image from AFC Bournemouth.

Probably not for everyone, but Umbro did a good job with Bournemouth kits this season. The graphic stripes are what I’m a big fan of, it’s not plain and simple, it’s fashionable and cool.


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43. Bristol City (GK Home)

bristol city goalkeeper home shirt in neon and black
Image from Bristol City FC.

A wacky 'keeper design has become The Robins' thing over the past few seasons, this is another wonderful creation from that same vein.

Packed with neon detailing in a '90s pattern, the hummel x Bristol City partnership continues to grow and flourish.

- Kevan Thorpe, FOOTY.COM

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42. Palermo (Home)

palermo home shirt 2022-23 in pink
Image from Palermo FC.

The pink of Palermo will always turn heads, and when you throw in a laced collar and gold trimmings, it's very hard to resist.

This Kappa creation is part of a strong home & away combo for I Rosanero this season, well worthy of a place in our ranking.

- Kevan Thorpe, FOOTY.COM

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41. Lille (Third)

lille third shirt 2022-23 in black and gold
Image from Lille FC.

New Balance have been firing on all cylinders with their kit launches as of late. Any one of Lille’s 2022/23 crop are worthy of praise, but black kits just hit different.

It’s hard to go wrong with a black and gold pairing but the addition of the logo embedded across the chest really takes it up a notch. The Mastiffs' third packs a serious bite!

- Rowan Leng, FOOTY.COM

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40. Plymouth Argyle (Away)

plymouth argyle away shirt 2022-23 in white and green
Image from Plymouth Argyle FC.

A shirt that pays homage to the 1996 shirt worn at Wembley, this shirt is one of the most underrated Puma shirts this season.

It is undoubtedly a Plymouth Argyle shirt with use of green, black and white but delivers and gives distinctive option to be a change kit for The Pilgrims!

- @kit_geek

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39. Spezia (Third)

spezia third shirt 2022-23 in yellow and pink
Image from Spezia FC.

A wonderful combination of green, blue, pink and purple on a yellow background. The colours represent the pastel houses of the Cinque Terre coastline. An utterly unique design from Acerbis.

- @shirt_fan

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38. Jubilo Iwata (Home)

jubilo iwata home shirt 2022 in blue and yellow
Image from Jubilo Iwata.

If you weren't aware that Admiral were still producing shirts, you are now. This J-League beauty is modelled on the legendary England 1982 outfit.

Sky blue with yellow, white and black trimmings make for an eye-catching look, it even has a classic sponsor. Excellent stuff.

- Kevan Thorpe, FOOTY.COM

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37. Manchester City (Home)

manchester city home shirt 2022-23 in sky blue
Image from Manchester City FC.

Another kit taking inspiration from the past, the round neck with maroon trim paired with a more vibrant shade of blue gives us one of the best Manchester City shirts produced by Puma since their relationship started in 2019.

- @kit_geek

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36. Athletic Bilbao (Third)

athletic bilbao away shirt 2022-23 in black and red
Image from Athletic Bilbao.

What’s not to like? Lion graphic on the shirt, great colours and not everyone will have it too. Win-win!


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35. FC Lorient (Third)

fc lorient third shirt 2022-23 in cream
Image from FC Lorient.

Love everything about this shirt, the colours, the paint like spots all over it and the colours on the collar. Also, the cola sign above the badge makes it look South American.

- @kititout1

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34. Southampton (Away)

southampton away shirt 2022-23 in teal
Image from Southampton FC.

Where do I even begin with this shirt? The waviest of all the shirts on this list, the away is a fitting nod to Southampton's marine history.

Hummel took the plunge and went wild with this one and the shirt's all the better for it! Bonus points also for giving teal some much needed love.

- Rowan Leng, FOOTY.COM

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33. VfB Stuttgart (Away)

vfb stuttgart away shirt 2022-23 in red white and black
Images from VfB Stuttgart.

I have always had a soft spot for red and black kits, this away shirt takes inspiration from the shirt used between 1997-99.

It's a hooped shirt with a large white band where a good looking sponsor sits perfectly, an all-round eye-pleasing shirt from Jako this season.

- @kit_geek

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32. Tunisia (Third)

tunisia third shirt 2022-23 in dark green and gold
Image from Tunisian Football Federation.

Smooth and tasty, just like the olive oil it's based on. This Tunisia shirt celebrates their biggest export and it does it in style.

Green and gold is one of my favourite combos but with the additional graphic pattern too, this makes for an instant Kappa classic.

- Kevan Thorpe, FOOTY.COM

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31. Bournemouth (Away)

bournemouth away shirt 2022-23 in purple and pink
Images from AFC Bournemouth.

The (sometimes) sunny shores of Bournemouth have been treated to a garment which hosts a pastel paradise as its theme. Palm trees all around.

The purples and pinks are subtle enough to not become garish which means Umbro have made something truly fun with this.

- Kevan Thorpe, FOOTY.COM

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30. Belgium (Away)

belgium away shirt 2022-23 in white
Image from Belgian FA.

Firstly, I have a lot of love for badges. I throw the hashtag #BadgePorn around a lot and this badge is stunning. I will buy a shirt just alone on the badge, but it also helps that this shirt is smart and gorgeous.

- @WinksFootball

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29. Crystal Palace (Home)

crystal palace home shirt 2022-23 in red and blue
Image from Crystal Palace FC.

I love it when clubs play with their 'usual' designs. Palace played with sash stripes last season and this year they've topped it, with squiggles.

On a tough colour palette, Macron have worked up a stylish pattern which is finished off beautifully by smart cuffs and collar.

- Kevan Thorpe, FOOTY.COM

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28. Malaga (Away)

malaga away shirt 2022-23 in pink
Images from Malaga CF.

Pink and purple is a combination that always looks incredible. The subtle ombré of purple to pink and the strips of roses embossed into the design really hit the spot.

This one flew quietly under the radar as one of the best releases of the season, and flew firmly over the radar as my favourite.

- @knockemdownes

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27. Venezia (Home)

venezia home shirt 2022-23 in black
Image from Venezia FC.

Long sleeves, look at them in all their glory. No surprises that Venezia pop up in our best of the year (again), but this simple home shirt is once more, beautiful.

As always, the green and orange detailing works perfectly, especially sat aside the chunky gold badge work. It's style personified and Venice has been made even more picturesque with this on its streets.

- Kevan Thorpe, FOOTY.COM

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26. England (Women's Home)

england womens home shirt 2022-23 in white
Image from Nike.

IRIDESCENT BADGE, need I go on? Scrap the petition to get Haaland out of the Prem for his robot-like efficiency, we need to unite to ensure the Three Lions stay shining!

The Lionesses gave us a summer we’ll never forget and this home kit will live long in the memory also.

- Rowan Leng, FOOTY.COM

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25. AS Roma (Third)

as roma third shirt 2022-23 in black and pink
Image from AS Roma.

New Balance really make great kits, this one definitely beautifully done. The design and colours are all amazing, but what does it for me is the holographic badge.


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24. Argentina (GK Home)

argentina goalkeeper home shirt 2022-23 in purple
Images from adidas.

Goalkeepers x the 1990s. It's a match made in heaven. This Argentina GK kit is part of the adidas 'Icons' range, bringing back those wonderful years of parachute-sized jumpers.

Based on Sergio Goycochea's 1990 World Cup outfit, this purple pixelated design is an absolute beauty.

- Kevan Thorpe, FOOTY.COM

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23. Las Vegas Lights FC (Home)

las vegas lights fc home shirt in black and neon
Images from Meyba.

Coincidentally for a football club located in the city that never sleeps, the Las Vegas Lights 22/23 range is not to be slept on. All incredible in their own right but it’s their home effort that really hits the jackpot for me.

Perfectly encapsulating the bright lights of Vegas with neon graphics blending with the black base. They say, "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" but I think I can be forgiven for wanting to shout about this shirt to anyone that will listen!

- Rowan Leng, FOOTY.COM


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22. Brazil (Home)

brazil home shirt 2022-23 in yellow
Image from Nike.

This one is a joint effort, Nike have put in the work to make Brazil’s World Cup kits look FIRE!

The home with that subtle leopard print graphic, the hidden Brazil flag in the button. The Away shirt, amazing colours that give this neon glow, massive fan on them both. Could they win the World Cup in them?


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21. Athens Kallithea (Away)

athens kallithea away shirt 2022-23 in white
Image from Athens Kallithea FC.

If you haven’t heard of the Greek outfit playing in the Super League 2, then get to know. Kallithea stands for “beautiful view” and the club's away shirt is fitting of its namesake.

Simple yet effective, the white base combines perfectly with the single blue and gold palette featured on the stripe, collar and cuffs. Pair this kit with their previous Venezia collabs and it’s clear to see why Kappa are fast becoming kings of simplistic yet luxurious styling.

- Rowan Leng, FOOTY.COM


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20. Clube Athletico Mineiro (Manto da Massa)

athletico mineiro manto da massa shirt 2022-23 in black and silver
Image from Athletico Mineiro.

The annual 'Manto da Massa' or 'Shirt of the Mass' competition by C.A.M never disappoints. Last season's map-based design was wonderful. This season's dark and stylish number is very different, but equally amazing.

Le Coq Sportif is a brand we rarely see, but this shimmering black and silver design by comic book artist Will Rios celebrates big moments in The Roosters' history and their new stadium, Arena MRV.

- Kevan Thorpe, FOOTY.COM

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19. Arsenal (Home)

arsenal home shirt 2022-23 in red and white
Image from Arsenal FC.

Arsenal have always been a fashionable footy club, even in their bleakest days they’ve always looked the part. Fortunately for the gunners this season they’re doing their threads justice with the performances on the pitch.

The home shirt pairs the iconic Arsenal red with a classy collar, reminiscent of the days of Ian Wright and Tony Adams. Another smash hit for adidas this season.

- Rowan Leng, FOOTY.COM


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18. Japan (Home)

japan home shirt 2022-23 in blue and white
Image from adidas.

One of many adidas World Cup releases which caught the eye, it's usually the Japan release which will make the biggest mark on us though.

Containing a clever origami effect throughout, the blues, whites and reds of this kit combine amazingly well.

- Kevan Thorpe, FOOTY.COM

This shirt is magnificent, Japan do they ever make bad shirts? The origami pattern shows so clear as you can see from the photo and is so impressive.

I can't wait to see this, the Belgium away & Mexico away at the World Cup in Qatar in November.

- @WinksFootball

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17. Coventry City (Home)

coventry city home shirt 2022-23 in sky blue
Image from Coventry City FC.

Hummel and Coventry City really are a match made in heaven, they keep delivering the goods with their kits and this shirt is a take on the classic Admiral look of late '70s but with a modern twist.

A unique design for the season and the perfect balance of old and new.

- @kit_geek

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16. Roma (Home)

roma home shirt 2022-23 in maroon
Image from AS Roma.

A wolf may emblazon La Lupa's badge but they rarely drop howlers.

Oozing with class, Roma's home offering celebrates the unbreakable bond between city and club; culminating in a colossal kit that any Roman can be proud of!

- Rowan Leng, FOOTY.COM

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15. Germany (Home)

germany home shirt 2022-23 in black and white
Images from adidas.

Adidas' World Cup releases are all superb in their own right. The HEAT.RDY material patterns are excellent across the board.

Possibly the pick of the bunch is the classy Germany shirt. The solid black, central stripe on white with bronze details creates a timeless looking World Cup shirt.

- @shirt_fan

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14. Vasco da Gama (Third)

vasco da gama third shirt 2022-23 in maroon and green
Images from CR Vasco da Gama.

It's apt that Vasco da Gama was discovered by a Portuguese sailor, because Portugal may be reeling at the fact they didn't discover this design for their own national kit.

This is my favourite from a trio of sensationally stylish shirts, and it's the maroon, green and gold combo which ticks all the boxes.

- Kevan Thorpe, FOOTY.COM

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13. Lazio (Home)

lazio home shirt 2022-23 in sky blue
Image from S.S. Lazio.

A triumphant return to the top table of European football for Mizuno. The repeating eagle jacquard looks sublime on an unfussy but sleek looking shirt.

- @shirt_fan

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12. France (Women's Home)

france womens home shirt 2022-23 in blue and red
Image from Nike.

Women's EURO2022 was brilliant for so many reasons, including the raft of bespoke kit releases it brought. France won our women's EURO ranking with this exquisite effort.

The neoclassical pattern is special when it's mixed with subtle red detailing and a Les Bleus ticker tape seam. It's va va voom x ooo la la from Nike.

- Kevan Thorpe, FOOTY.COM

France rarely miss when it comes to shirts, but this year they went all out for the Women’s Euros. The lighter shade of blue plastered with that neoclassical design is a real French fancy, while the red highlights really pop.

Revolutionary compared to the men's shirt, and worthy of a place in the Louvre.

- @kitforbrains

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11. Nigeria (Home)

nigeria home shirt 2022-23 in green
Images from Nike.

Nigeria and beautiful kits is a tale as old as time and the 2022 home is all Beauty, no Beast. Bold and unapologetic, the home shirt blends tones of green with an all-over scribbled pattern resulting in another smash-hit for the Super Eagles.

It’s a travesty that this kit won’t get to light up the World Cup, but the design dazzles nonetheless.

- Rowan Leng, FOOTY.COM

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10. Athens Kallithea (Home)

athens kallithea home shirt 2022-23 in blue
Image from Athens Kallithea FC.

Could we have a Venezia contender? Most definitely. This lesser-known Athens club has teamed up with Kappa to produce one of the finest releases this season.

It has shades of 1990s Italy national team style with finishes of gold. It all works to make this an instant cult classic.

- Kevan Thorpe, FOOTY.COM

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9. Venezia (Third)

venezia third shirt 2022-23 in gold
Images from Venezia FC.

What can you say about this shirt? Venezia over the past few years have changed the game within football shirts, but this one oozes class.

Nothing too much, just simple and clean and I believe they wouldn’t get away with the gold shirt if all 3 of their previous shirts weren’t absolute bangers.

- @kititout1

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8. Corinthians (Third)

corinthians third shirt 2022-23 in cream and black
Images from SC Corinthians.

Japanese is a mesmerising and artistic language, which means it's perfect for creating stylish kits. This shirt was created in celebration of Corinthians' 2012 Club World Cup win in Yokohama.

The repeat inscription reads "This is Corinthians", but it could easily read "This is beautiful". The cream backing lets the symbols pop and when shorts and socks are added, it's a classic.

- Kevan Thorpe, FOOTY.COM

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7. Mexico (Away)

mexico away shirt 2022-23 in cream
Images from adidas.

Mexico don’t often miss when it comes to football shirts, and this one is no exception.

The standout feature is an all-over pattern that is inspired by Quetzalcoatl, the "Feathered Serpent". Wonderful!

- @knockemdownes

Now this, correct me if I’m wrong, will be the only away shirt at the World Cup to feature the Aztec God, Quetzalcoatl, and I don’t want to get on the bad side of a giant feathered snake.

But besides that, this shirt features a stunning bespoke design in a fantastic colourway.

- @kitforbrains

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6. Arsenal (Away)

arsenal away shirt 2022-23 in black and gold
Image from Arsenal FC.

This one topped our Premier League shirt ranking this season, and rightly so. Arsenal x adidas have been smashing it since their partnership began, this shirt being no exception.

Their home shirt is superb too, but it's the dark patterning and gold accents that puts the away head and shoulders above. That cannon badge too, oof. Sensational.

Kevan Thorpe, FOOTY.COM

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5. York City (Home)

york city home shirt 2022-23 in maroon
Image from York City FC.

A superb bespoke effort from Puma for York's centenary season. Broken horizontal stripes contain the architecture of the famous York Cathedral all set on a maroon shirt with gold detailing.

- @shirt_fan

The Norwich away shirt but with extra detail. The shirt world went into meltdown when they saw this one released.

A classy colour combination and shirt design make for a wonderful shirt. A special, special shirt.

- @knockemdownes

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4. Norwich City (Home)

norwich city home shirt 2022-23 in yellow and green
Image from Norwich City FC.

Part of an incredible trio from the Canaries this season, the home tops the lot for me. Green and yellow is a designer's nightmare, yet somehow that clash is organised in an extremely classy fashion here.

Retro feels from Joma with a pinstripe body which stops the clash from overpowering. It's a simple and smart look which will no doubt have the Carrow Road faithful screaming, ""let's be having you!"

Kevan Thorpe, FOOTY.COM

Joma hopped in a time machine to bring their heavily '80s-styled shirt straight back to the future for this season and just like Marty McFly, this kit would look equally at home in 1985 as it does in 2022.

The new crest, classy pinstripes, collar and cuffs make it timeless.

- @kitforbrains

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3. Barcelona (Away)

barcelona away shirt 2022-23 in gold
Images from FC Barcelona.

This shirt shows how a template can be completely unique. Gold with cuffs the colours of the Olympic rings are a reference to the city's Olympian past.

The dri-FIT ADV pattern continues all over the shirt and brilliantly shows off the map of the city built into the design.

- @shirt_fan

Despite not having the gold standard for their finances, Barcelona have certainly struck gold here.

It’s not often that gold is used as the main colour on a football shirt, map detailing has been used a lot recently but this works superbly.

- @knockemdownes

The detail, the fact it's gold, and the sleeve and cuffs for me was enough. It's a thing of beauty and I love it. How it shines in the sun shows off the detailed map of Barcelona.

- @WinksFootball

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2. Ajax (Away)

ajax away shirt 2022-23 in navy and gold
Images from AFC Ajax.

This has been my favourite new release throughout. Shirts have come close like the Barca, it is smart but also a gorgeous shirt. Adidas and Ajax never make bad shirts, and this for me is my winner.

The sleeve and collar combo gets so much love from me, I've pushed for more teams to go with the combo because it just works. I love this shirt, it's a shirt you can wear out all the time, goes with everything. WELL DONE AJAX AND ADIDAS ONCE AGAIN.


Forget De Bruyne and Haaland, adidas x Ajax is a partnership for the ages.

A luxe finish on the collar and sleeves brings the glamour whilst the updates to the badge and sponsor adds that golden touch that Johan Cruyff himself would be proud of.

- Rowan Leng, FOOTY.COM

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1. Inter Milan (Away)

inter milan away shirt 2022-23 in white and blue
Image from FC Inter Milan.

Another map shirt. However, the mint blue and turquoise colour combination is a match made in heaven. There’s just something about this shirt that makes it stand out among the crowd.


Credit where it’s due at Inter Milan, they’ve put themselves on the map in a year where seemingly every other shirt has some kind of cartography on it. The beautiful white and aqua colourway looks fresh.


Just can’t go wrong with Inter Milan and great kits, this one for me is an absolute BANGER! With the world map graphic and a very clean colour scheme.


I love myself a map/globe shirt and they seem to be popular the past two seasons with the likes of Atlético Mineiro's Manto da Massa 2021 shirt and this season's Barca away. If the shirt is decent and has a map on it, it's in my collection!

I purchased this beaut as soon as it was released and as I described it in tweets, "it's a worldie".


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Phew! Now that's all over, we hope you enjoyed the countdown. Feel free to let us know what you think on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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