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Top 100 Football Shirts of 2020/21 - (Part Eight: 30-21)

Venice. Prague. Rome. Northwich? Come for the architecture, stay for the insanely beautiful football shirts.
Author Image of Ben Hyde


3 years ago


top 100 shirts part 8

This is Part 8 of 10. Explore the rest of the countdown:

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30. 1874 Northwich - Home

1874 northwich 2020-21 home kit

1874 Northwich strike again. They’ve followed last year’s fantastic away strip with a home shirt which is arguably even better. This is much classier and a little more restrained, but it still includes a pattern which pops with the club’s growing personality - even if it was actually the result of an open design competition. 

It just looks so fresh. The modern pattern feels like a more toned-down version of the awesome new Nigeria home kit, but it’s jam-packed with subtle details built around the ‘74’s own DNA. These include tributes to the NHS and the founding of the club, while some perfect positioning helps the crest stand out amongst all of this creativity. 

Basically, it’s every bit as bold, ambitious and forward-thinking as the club itself, and we should all feel grateful they’ll be wearing this beauty for two full seasons. Flawless. 

- Ben Hyde, FOOTY.COM.

29. Inter Milan - Home

inter milan 2020-21 home kit with zig zag stripes

This is a really surprising Inter shirt. Toying around with traditional stripes will always result in a few sharpened pitchforks, but I’ve got to say this fresh, zig-zagging twist is definitely right up my street. Making radical changes to such an iconic look is a damn risky business, so Nike’s success here should be met with an audible sigh of relief. 

There are references to the Biscione and some exquisite detailing to really get lost in, so it’s far from being bold just for the sake of it. Of course, this another shirt which divides opinion, and detractors will be quick to point out it’s clearly been run over by one of Pirelli’s tyres, but I don’t think many can really begrudge a brand trying something so different. 

Besides, it looks cool, and there’s not really any arguing with that. So there. 

- Ben Hyde, FOOTY.COM.

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28. France - Away

france 2020 white away kit

The France home is untraditional but we like it – even if navy socks would have been our choice rather than red – but the change strip is classic simplicity personified. The trim down the torso references the tricolore as adidas’s stripes used to, but one subtle difference is the fact that the ‘flag’ faces forwards on the right and backwards on the left, ensuring red and blue are both visible whether one is looking at the front or back.

Museum of Jerseys. 

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27. Slavia Prague - Home

slavia prague 2020-21 home kit

Prague is a truly picturesque place and Puma have done it justice with the Červenobílí’s 2020/21 bespoke creation. The oldest club in Prague have something special in their red and white halves masterpiece, all completed by an intricate watermark pattern of zodiac signs and famous astronomical clock from within the Old Town centre.

The club’s upside-down star crest is a basic but powerful statement, and the sponsor duly takes its place without disrupting the effortless flow. Well worth anyone’s investment.

- Kevan Thorpe, FOOTY.COM.

26. Italy - Third 

italy 2020 renaissance third kit

This is as smooth as Andrea Pirlo wearing loafers, sipping red wine in a Tuscan orchard. We’ve come to expect big things from the Azzurri’s releases, and they rarely disappoint. Built on Renaissance-inspired architecture patterning, it celebrates the latest crop of flourishing young players in the national team.

Navy trims, including a minimal collar, are paired with gold detailing to create a luxury vibe. Much like most things Italian, this is style personified.

- Kevan Thorpe, FOOTY.COM.

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25. Flamengo - Away

flamengo 2020-21 white away kit

You can’t go wrong when using black and red trim on a white shirt, it’s a combination that works well and adidas have got this spot on.

I've always liked a chest band (think Umbro in 1980s, Watford, Rangers, Newcastle, etc), and this one takes things up a notch with black blending into red.

The chunky adidas equipment era v-neck won’t be to everyone’s taste, and personally speaking I would’ve preferred they’d used the same one as they’ve used on the home kit. Nonetheless, a fine shirt.

Kit Crimes.

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24. Venezia - Away

venezia 2020-21 white away kit

I expected something very special for the new Venezia away shirt. You see they've been setting the kit world into a frenzy of late with their recent offerings. This continues that trend alright, and some. It won me over instantly with that collar and super sensation colourway. The use of their club colours as a block stripe design is a superb talking point. The whole thing has a look of Ralph Lauren, but that could just be me. I love it.

The Kitsman.

Good grief, I really need to get hold of one of these. Venice is famous for its glorious waterways and architecture, but I think I’m more inclined to visit just to admire the glorious football shirts. This would instantly become the smartest thing in my wardrobe, and I have absolutely no shame in telling you I’m not joking. 

- Ben Hyde, FOOTY.COM.

23. Liverpool - Away

liverpool 2020-21 turquoise away kit

I grew up watching football in the 00s, and at that time one team and one brand dominated conversation in the playground: Manchester United, and Nike.

Nike were symbolic of success. Heck, even when Arsenal got in on the act, which manufacturer were they wearing?.

Nike's first away kit for the Reds is a statement, and it's exactly the kind of kit I want to see. If you want to mark the start of your own era of dominance, you want to do it in a kit that's hard to forget. 

They'll be talking about this one in the playground.

Phil Delves.

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22. AS Roma - Home 

as roma 2020-21 home kit

Over recent seasons, Nike have created some classic looks for AS Roma, and this home shirt is going to be up there with the best of these. Taking inspiration from the 1979/80 shirt (the “Ghiacciolo” or "Ice Pop Shirt"), using a block of yellow/orange shades across the chest creating a unique look using the club’s colour palette. 

A fine example of doing retro right and a modern interpretation of a classic club look. If this shirt had no crest of sponsorship logo, you would immediately think AS Roma and that’s what makes this shirt work so well, it’s just right in terms of design and look for the club.

- Gavin Hope, Football Kit Geek.

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21. Marseille - Away

marseille 2020-21 away kit

In previous seasons, Puma seemed a little… unimaginative. Some fans were tired of seeing the same templates used across various teams with only a few changes in colours or graphics. There were some beauties but they were few and far between. However, for the 2020/21 season it’s all changed, as Puma have come out with some of the best shirts this year.

With this Marseille away shirt, Puma are showing that there is more to football shirts than just stripes, halves, quarters or simply nothing. Once again taking inspiration from the city, Puma have based this shirt on the districts and neighbourhoods that make up Marseille. But rather than use a colour or an architectural feature of the districts, Puma seem to have drawn Marseille at night, with rows and rows of houses and buildings in shades of dark blue with the odd window lit-up in yellow. I’ve never seen anything like it and it’s this uniqueness that I love.

adidas provided Marseille with some of football’s most iconic designs, and Puma are working hard to make sure Marseille continues to get shirts that stand out from the crowd.

Pedro Almeida.

A watermark Marseille city evening vista is the major draw in this bespoke Puma design. The addition of randomly illuminated windows is a detail that shouldn’t be overlooked, rounded off in fine style with ‘Mediterranean blue’ trims. Could well be one for keen collectors this.         

- Kevan Thorpe, FOOTY.COM.

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This is Part 8 of 10. Explore the rest of the countdown:

100-91 | 90-81 | 80-71 | 70-61 | 60-51 | 50-41 | 40-31 | 30-21 | 20-11 | 10-1

Author Image of Ben Hyde
Rubbish FIFA player with an addiction to buying football shirts which are way too cool for me.
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