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Top 100 Football Shirts of 2019 - Part 8: 30-21

As far as leagues go, Ligue 1 is often the proverbial whipping boy. But when it comes to kits in 2019, they are more than holding your own.

Top 100 Football Shirts of 2019 - Part 8: 30-21

The best football shirts of 2019

Within the football shirt ecosystem, the quality of kits in specific leagues ebbs and flows unpredictably.

Take this year for example. Broadly speaking kits are in a pretty good place (hopefully this list is testament to that), but there are some leagues where I think we’ve seen a particularly strong showing.

At this point of the countdown in 2018, Ligue 1 had only been represented by 4 kits. Fast forward to 2019 and we have 3 Ligue 1 kits in this part alone, bringing the total to 7 so far. This improvement is not exclusive to France (and indeed we highlighted what a good year it’s been for Serie A in a previous part), but it’s still great to see brands and clubs raising their game across a league, especially in a league which is often overlooked in footballing terms and on social media.

The cherry on top has been the quality of France’s national team kits this year, and sure enough the brilliant, beautiful Women's away shirt makes an appearance here.

Enjoy shirts 30-21, and get excited for the final 20 after this.

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30 - AIK Away


Since becoming their suppliers, Nike have released some absolute stunners for AIK (last season’s black-out kit immediately spring to mind). This season’s away shirt is another to add this list… it is gorgeous!

The vertical black and yellow line running down the centre of the shirt looks great and I love how the line cuts through the sponsor, and follows the contour of the font.

A special mention needs to be given to the lettering used for the names and numbers on the back of the shirt. Just like the front, the numbers are black with a yellow stripe running through the middle and a club crest at the bottom. Beautiful numbers for a beautiful shirt.
- Pedro

29 - Chelsea Third


A lot of people are questioning whether brands are simply looking back too much at the moment, that we are missing opportunities to push boundaries and move the kit industry forward.

In the case of Chelsea’s third kit though, I’d say Nike have struck the perfect balance. There are decidedly 90s features here, like the collar (which I love, largely due to the fact I am obsessed with early 90s Dortmund and PSG kits) and the subliminal pattern, but this design isn’t simply a remake of an old look.

This is what happens when you are inspired by old designs, as opposed to being ruled by them.
- Phil

What happened at Nike this year? Another stunning third shirt. The collar and sleeves are wonderful, big fan of the chosen colours. The subliminal pattern gives the shirt depth and makes me think back to the wonderful shirts of the 1990s. Of course, you can’t forget to mention the retro Nike logo, or the monochrome Chelsea badge.
- Apollo

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28 - Lille Home


The design on this shirt is like nothing I've seen in recent years - the navy and red fade into each other in a gradient-like pattern but with the help of a white undertone. It is vibrant and contemporary, and aligns perfectly with Lille's new crest, which was only introduced last summer. This is my favourite shirt of the entire year and as such takes its place at a still respectable number 28.
- Chris

27 - Western United Away


Now this is how you make an entrance to professional football. Western United are a brand-new team for Australia’s A-League, and it’s fair to say they aren’t wasting any time in establishing a bold identity.

Quite simply, their away shirt is unlike anything else you’re likely to see this season. The green and black geometric design is completely unique, serving up a dizzying pattern which is left clear of any obstructive sponsor logos. In fact, the club crest and A-League logo are both integrated seamlessly, alongside that centred Kappa branding.

It’s a bold, brash and beautiful masterpiece, and it’s rare to see a new club make such a quick impression on the game. Hell, they only played their first match last Saturday.
- Ben

26 - Go Ahead Eagles Away


Go Ahead Eagles are my Football Manager team. They have the best name in football, and they’ve had a long running partnership with my favourite brand hummel.

This year’s away kit had a design to match their name pedigree, with a black and grey zig-zag pattern which like a nod to the Nigeria shirt. It’s an intriguing, unique design and further proof that hummel are one of the best brands for paying attention to clubs of all sizes in their portfolio.
- Phil

25 - Ajax Away


This shirt is just all about the colour. Although it’s just a simple template design, the khaki green and orange colourway is completely bespoke to Ajax, and it’s really nice to see this theme continued within the crest and sponsors. The effect really is quite striking, although I’ll be honest and admit I’m surprised to see this listed so much higher than their home shirt. Unless they have another season of huge European nights, I can’t see this shirt entering the pantheon of great Ajax kits, but at least this template hasn’t been overused over other clubs. It’s a nice shirt for sure, I just find it difficult to get too excited about it.
- Ben

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24 - France Women Away


If you had to pick out a list of the best shirts of the past decade (*makes notes*), France’s majestic 2011 white and black Breton-inspired home shirt would be a shoe-in.

In 2019, Nike have scaled heights almost as high with their home kit for the women’s team. The polka dot look (where each dot is actually a small hexagon, in reference to the shape of France) looks superb, and it’s matched perfectly with rose gold details.
- Phil

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23 - Marseille Fourth


Now this right here is a glorious piece of kit. Majestic. Sublime. Will need to *ba dum tss* cross it off my own bucket list soon. Hopefully the price tag won't make me Eiffel 65 (da ba dee da ba da).

Annoying 90s one hit wonders (admit it, it's stuck in your head now) aside, this channels the early 2000s Marseille kits (and a little bit of 2007/08 Inter Milan) in the best way. The obscured branding especially is a masterstroke, as it helps declutter what's a rather daring design. Great stuff.
- Jack

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22 - Pescara Away


Probably my favourite shirt of the year. Errea are starting to quickly climb my list of favourite kit manufactures, with this design playing off a retro video game-esque vibe – In combination with the typical Pescara badge, the first thing I thought of was Ecco the Dolphin on the Sega Mega Drive.
- Apollo

When I look at this shirt, I see a bountiful wheat field colliding with a deep lagoon. And look, there’s a dolphin happily leaping into the picture. I love this.
- Phil

21 - Monaco Away


As demonstrated by Liverpool’s fantastic goalkeeper kit, gold on black always seems to go down a treat. This has been another strong year for Kappa, and Monaco’s away shirt epitomises just how sleek and classy their designs can be.

The gold sponsors and logos obviously look magnificent, and the subtle all-over diamond pattern just completely seals the deal for me. A similar graphic can also be found on their home shirt, based heavily on Monaco’s coat of arms and reaffirming the club’s ties to the Principality. For such a simple-looking design, there’s plenty of individuality to enjoy here.

This is just plain smart. The next time I’m off to a friend’s wedding, I could probably get away with wearing this to the ceremony.
- Ben

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The Top 100 shirts of 2019 - Table

Rank Shirt Read More
1 Roma Away Part 10: 10-1
2 Barcelona Away Part 10: 10-1
3 Arsenal Home Part 10: 10-1
4 Coventry Home Part 10: 10-1
5 Inter Milan Third Part 10: 10-1
6 Inter Milan Away Part 10: 10-1
7 Cambridge United Away Part 10: 10-1
8 West Ham Away Part 10: 10-1
9 Roma Third Part 10: 10-1
10 AC Milan Home Part 10: 10-1
11 Hull City Home Part 9: 20-11
12 West Ham Home Part 9: 20-11
13 Germany Women Home Part 9: 20-11
14 PSV Away Part 9: 20-11
15 V-Varen Nagasaki Peace Jersey Part 9: 20-11
16 Club America Home Part 9: 20-11
17 Everton Away Part 9: 20-11
18 Tunisia Third Part 9: 20-11
19 England Women Away Part 9: 20-11
20 PSG Third Part 9: 20-11
21 Monaco Away Part 8: 30-21
22 Pescara Away Part 8: 30-21
23 Marseille Fourth Part 8: 30-21
24 France Women Away Part 8: 30-21
25 Ajax Away Part 8: 30-21
26 Go Ahead Eagles Away Part 8: 30-21
27 Western United Away Part 8: 30-21
28 Lille Home Part 8: 30-21
29 Chelsea Third Part 8: 30-21
30 AIK Away Part 8: 30-21
31 Hackney Wick Away Part 7: 40-31
32 Hearts of Oak Home Part 7: 40-31
33 Hackney Wick Home Part 7: 40-31
34 Barcelona Third Part 7: 40-31
35 Vancouver Whitecaps Home Part 7: 40-31
36 Middlesbrough Away Part 7: 40-31
37 Athletic Bilbao Away Part 7: 40-31
38 Derby County Home Part 7: 40-31
39 China Women Away Part 7: 40-31
40 Kaizer Chiefs Home Part 7: 40-31
41 Philadelphia Union Away Part 6: 50-41
42 Sampdoria Home Part 6: 50-41
43 Atlético Tucumán Home Part 6: 50-41
44 Hamburg Home Part 6: 50-41
45 Huesca Third Part 6: 50-41
46 Charlton Away Part 6: 50-41
47 Leones Negros Third Part 6: 50-41
48 Arsenal Away Part 6: 50-41
49 Forward Madison Third Part 6: 50-41
50 Club Puebla Home Part 6: 50-41
51 Valencia Third Part 5: 60-51
52 Manchester City Away Part 5: 60-51
53 Besiktas Home Part 5: 60-51
54 UNAM Pumas Part 5: 60-51
55 Middlesbrough Home Part 5: 60-51
56 Zenit Away Part 5: 60-51
57 Australia Women Home Part 5: 60-51
58 Ecuador Home Part 5: 60-51
59 Ajax Home Part 5: 60-51
60 Coventry Away Part 5: 60-51
61 UNAM Pumas Away Part 4: 70-61
62 1874 Northwich Away Part 4: 70-61
63 Blackburn Away Part 4: 70-61
64 Monchengladbach Third Part 4: 70-61
65 Costa Rica Cup Part 4: 70-61
66 Real Madrid Away Part 4: 70-61
67 RB Reipzig Third Part 4: 70-61
68 Parma Third Part 4: 70-61
69 Fortuna Dusseldorf Third Part 4: 70-61
70 Marseille Away Part 4: 70-61
71 Forest Green Third Part 3: 80-71
72 Spurs Third Part 3: 80-71
73 Dundee United Home Part 3: 80-71
74 Sao Paulo Away Part 3: 80-71
75 West Brom Away Part 3: 80-71
76 Frankfurt Home Part 3: 80-71
77 Mali Away Part 3: 80-71
78 Netherlands Women Home Part 3: 80-71
79 Roma Home Part 3: 80-71
80 Inter Home Part 3: 80-71
81 Venezia Home Part 2: 90-81
82 Schalke Third Part 2: 90-81
83 AGF Aarhus Home Part 2: 90-81
84 Marseille Home Part 2: 90-81
85 Atletico Madrid Third Part 2: 90-81
86 Newport County Home Part 2: 90-81
87 Brazil Cup Part 2: 90-81
88 Schalke Away Part 2: 90-81
89 Charleroi Away Part 2: 90-81
90 Gremio Home Part 2: 90-81
91 Zenit Saint Petersburg Home Part 1: 100-91
92 Fluminense Home Part 1: 100-91
93 Lazio Away Part 1: 100-91
94 Portland Thorns Home Part 1: 100-91
95 Venezia Away Part 1: 100-91
96 Stuttgart Third Part 1: 100-91
97 Newport County Away Part 1: 100-91
98 Atletico Madrid Away Part 1: 100-91
99 Nantes Away Part 1: 100-91
100 Urawa Red Diamonds Home Part 1: 100-91

The designs are getting pretty special, aren’t they? Despite the quality in this latest 10 we’re still not at the summit.

Check back later this week for shirts 20-11, and then as we reveal the 10 best shirts of the year, we’ll be giving away the #1 choice. Yep, you can win the best shirt of the year absolutely free. All you have to do is enter here.

Good luck, it’s a cracker.

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