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Top 100 Football Shirts of 2019 - Part 3: 80-71

Top 100 Shirts rolls on, with a couple of Italian kit heavyweights entering the mix alongside some hipster selections.

Top 100 Football Shirts of 2019 - Part 3: 80-71

The best football shirts of 2019

We are experiencing the second renaissance.

Italian football shirts have always been beautiful, and you only have to look at pretty much any picture of Serie A in the 90s to immediately fall in love. But despite a few diamonds in the rough, I would argue that Italian clubs have largely been playing catchup in regards to kits over more recent times.


We’ve reached the light at the end of the tunnel now though, and Italian clubs look to be reigning supreme once again.

So far in Top 100 Shirts we’ve already enjoyed both the Venezia home and away shirts, and in part 3 we see 2019 debuts for two giants of world football: Inter Milan and Roma. This is not the last we’ll see of either side by any means, but let it serve as a reminder that Italy is looking once again like one of the true powerhouses of the football shirt world.

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80 - Inter Home


The Nerazzurri’s home shirt this season is an interesting shakeup to the normal idea of an Inter shirt. The stripes in the middle of the shirt are titled, breaking up the flow above and below it. And yet it works. It’s an experimental design, but it works. However, the white neckline really takes away some brownie points for me.
- Apollo

Some shirts grow on you over time. I was sceptical at best when I saw leaks for this year’s Inter home, but following its release I’ve grown to appreciate what Nike are trying to do.

There’s more than a little bit of 2006 in the design (with the white neckline and thickness of stripes), and the central diagonal section nods to the classic 1990 away shirt. Method in the madness.
- Phil

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79 - Roma Home


I can’t be the only one wondering what the hell this is doing so low down? I know it’s been upstaged by the awesome away and third kits, but this is still an absolute gem of a football shirt. The traditional Roma colours are just as stunning as ever, but it’s obviously the lightning-themed collar and cuffs which completely steal the show. I mean, the design is just plain cool.

Much like the club itself, this shirt is packed with character and, more importantly, just plain fun. Petition to get this moved up a few places!
- Ben

I’m shocked that this isn’t higher on the list, and that’s coming from a Lazio fan. The Giallorossi’s home shirt this season keeps the same shade of deep red as before, but the lightning bolt design on the trimmings make the shirt pop and give the shirt a good energy.
- Apollo

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78 - Netherlands Women Home


2019 has been big for Nike, and in more ways than you think. Yes, their unique designs for Women’s teams have been a hugely welcome addition. And it’s true that their third kits deserve a tonne of praise.

But you know what I love most about this beautiful Netherlands home? The ‘problem’ of the dropneck collar has been mitigated with a little additional material. It’s delicate variations like this that speak volumes to a brand’s success.
- Phil

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77 - Mali Away


African football shirts seem to be synonymous with huge animal prints, and I love them for it! The Mali shirt is predominantly white and grey in a camouflage-like pattern but it's the eagle in the centre of the shirt that takes pride of place. The colours of the Malian flag make up the eagle's wings and they spread out across the shirt and continue as stripes onto the sleeves. The colours of the Malian flag are also used as details on the collar.

Overall, this is cracking shirt that would make any player or fan stand out from the crowd.
- Pedro

76 - Frankfurt Home


I love this shirt. It's somehow so basic, yet so refined. So retro, yet so contemporary. Simultaneously making excellent use of all Eintracht's traditional colours,this is a loud design and one that I feel you could only see donned by a German side. Solid effort from Nike.
- Chris

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75 - West Brom Away


I’m so happy to see West Brom back in green and yellow again this season. It’s simply one of my favourite colour combos in English football, the kind of look which shouldn’t work but actually does and is more the memorable for it.

Things are kept fresh this year with some thinner stripes and a subtle pattern in the sleeves. Turns out Puma are the perfect fit for the Baggies.
- Phil

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74 - Sao Paulo Away


Yeah, this isn’t bad. Personally, I would’ve loved to see the stripes continue onto the back of the shirt, but São Paulo’s new away shirt is still fairly pleasing on the eye. The traditional club colours are all there, of course, but the use of a slight gradient freshens things up and offers a welcome modern twist. Decent, but nothing special.
- Ben

73 - Dundee United Home


Macron are one of my favourite kit manufacturers at the moment and this Dundee United shirt is a great example of why.

Some people may be getting bored of manufacturers raiding the archives for their designs but I don’t mind at all, particularly when the final design looks this classy. Macron have used the Dundee United 1985/86 home shirt as inspiration and have created a fresh, modern-looking shirt.

The subtle diagonal pattern looks great and the collars and cuffs add a lovely pop of colour. Even the sponsor works well with the overall look. A superb effort from Macron and Dundee United.
- Pedro

72 - Spurs Third


This isn’t quite as good as last year’s third shirt, but I still think this is a beauty.

The shirt appears to take inspiration from the 1991 third shirt by Umbro, both in terms of the colours and the use of the word ‘Spurs’. Rather than putting the ‘Spurs’ across the chest like that 91 shirt, Nike have opted to run the ‘Spurs’ graphic across the whole shirt, in a pattern that seems to be based on the outside of the new Spurs stadium.

Add to this, the classy-looking button-down collar and the classic ‘Futura’ Nike logo and the 90s vibe is complete. Lovely stuff.
- Pedro

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71 - Forest Green Third


Forest Green Rovers are well known for their support of environmental issues across throughout the day to day running of their club, this has now been reflected in their 2019/20 3rd (Cup away) kit. This blue camouflage kit which is made from 50% bamboo material is raising money for Conservationists Sea Shepherd, the camouflage theme and blue colouring is based on their flagship the “Steve Irwin” and its unique paint job – look it up, it really does!

PlayerLayer (the kit manufacturers) pull off a stunning design with this effort and with their unique home/away kit designs are some of the most stand out kits in the Lower English Leagues, just a shame it is unlikely to get many outings this season.
- Gavin

The Top 100 shirts of 2019 - Table

Rank Shirt Read More
1 Roma Away Part 10: 10-1
2 Barcelona Away Part 10: 10-1
3 Arsenal Home Part 10: 10-1
4 Coventry Home Part 10: 10-1
5 Inter Milan Third Part 10: 10-1
6 Inter Milan Away Part 10: 10-1
7 Cambridge United Away Part 10: 10-1
8 West Ham Away Part 10: 10-1
9 Roma Third Part 10: 10-1
10 AC Milan Home Part 10: 10-1
11 Hull City Home Part 9: 20-11
12 West Ham Home Part 9: 20-11
13 Germany Women Home Part 9: 20-11
14 PSV Away Part 9: 20-11
15 V-Varen Nagasaki Peace Jersey Part 9: 20-11
16 Club America Home Part 9: 20-11
17 Everton Away Part 9: 20-11
18 Tunisia Third Part 9: 20-11
19 England Women Away Part 9: 20-11
20 PSG Third Part 9: 20-11
21 Monaco Away Part 8: 30-21
22 Pescara Away Part 8: 30-21
23 Marseille Fourth Part 8: 30-21
24 France Women Away Part 8: 30-21
25 Ajax Away Part 8: 30-21
26 Go Ahead Eagles Away Part 8: 30-21
27 Western United Away Part 8: 30-21
28 Lille Home Part 8: 30-21
29 Chelsea Third Part 8: 30-21
30 AIK Away Part 8: 30-21
31 Hackney Wick Away Part 7: 40-31
32 Hearts of Oak Home Part 7: 40-31
33 Hackney Wick Home Part 7: 40-31
34 Barcelona Third Part 7: 40-31
35 Vancouver Whitecaps Home Part 7: 40-31
36 Middlesbrough Away Part 7: 40-31
37 Athletic Bilbao Away Part 7: 40-31
38 Derby County Home Part 7: 40-31
39 China Women Away Part 7: 40-31
40 Kaizer Chiefs Home Part 7: 40-31
41 Philadelphia Union Away Part 6: 50-41
42 Sampdoria Home Part 6: 50-41
43 Atlético Tucumán Home Part 6: 50-41
44 Hamburg Home Part 6: 50-41
45 Huesca Third Part 6: 50-41
46 Charlton Away Part 6: 50-41
47 Leones Negros Third Part 6: 50-41
48 Arsenal Away Part 6: 50-41
49 Forward Madison Third Part 6: 50-41
50 Club Puebla Home Part 6: 50-41
51 Valencia Third Part 5: 60-51
52 Manchester City Away Part 5: 60-51
53 Besiktas Home Part 5: 60-51
54 UNAM Pumas Part 5: 60-51
55 Middlesbrough Home Part 5: 60-51
56 Zenit Away Part 5: 60-51
57 Australia Women Home Part 5: 60-51
58 Ecuador Home Part 5: 60-51
59 Ajax Home Part 5: 60-51
60 Coventry Away Part 5: 60-51
61 UNAM Pumas Away Part 4: 70-61
62 1874 Northwich Away Part 4: 70-61
63 Blackburn Away Part 4: 70-61
64 Monchengladbach Third Part 4: 70-61
65 Costa Rica Cup Part 4: 70-61
66 Real Madrid Away Part 4: 70-61
67 RB Reipzig Third Part 4: 70-61
68 Parma Third Part 4: 70-61
69 Fortuna Dusseldorf Third Part 4: 70-61
70 Marseille Away Part 4: 70-61
71 Forest Green Third Part 3: 80-71
72 Spurs Third Part 3: 80-71
73 Dundee United Home Part 3: 80-71
74 Sao Paulo Away Part 3: 80-71
75 West Brom Away Part 3: 80-71
76 Frankfurt Home Part 3: 80-71
77 Mali Away Part 3: 80-71
78 Netherlands Women Home Part 3: 80-71
79 Roma Home Part 3: 80-71
80 Inter Home Part 3: 80-71
81 Venezia Home Part 2: 90-81
82 Schalke Third Part 2: 90-81
83 AGF Aarhus Home Part 2: 90-81
84 Marseille Home Part 2: 90-81
85 Atletico Madrid Third Part 2: 90-81
86 Newport County Home Part 2: 90-81
87 Brazil Cup Part 2: 90-81
88 Schalke Away Part 2: 90-81
89 Charleroi Away Part 2: 90-81
90 Gremio Home Part 2: 90-81
91 Zenit Saint Petersburg Home Part 1: 100-91
92 Fluminense Home Part 1: 100-91
93 Lazio Away Part 1: 100-91
94 Portland Thorns Home Part 1: 100-91
95 Venezia Away Part 1: 100-91
96 Stuttgart Third Part 1: 100-91
97 Newport County Away Part 1: 100-91
98 Atletico Madrid Away Part 1: 100-91
99 Nantes Away Part 1: 100-91
100 Urawa Red Diamonds Home Part 1: 100-91

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We’re continuing to gradually release the full list in chunks of 10, so keep checking back on here as we approach the halfway point, and eventually the coveted #1 spot.

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