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Top 100 Football Shirts of 2019 - Part 1: 100-91

We're at the foot of a mountain 100 shirts high. The best kits the world of football has to offer, in one big list. Here we go.

Top 100 Football Shirts of 2019 - Part 1: 100-91

The best football shirts of 2019

We go again.

Last year, myself and a bunch of writers here at FOOTY.COM decided to take on the task of picking out 100 of the best football kits of the year, ranking them from 100-1 over the course of several blogs.

Though it was time-consuming, we had a lot of fun, so it seemed only natural to do it all again in 2019.

I know, there are more than enough ‘Top 10’, ‘Top 20’, ‘Top 67’ etc. lists to go around, I feel it too. But Top 100 Shirts is trying to be different. The people behind this list actually care about football shirts. We’re the people who will obsess over the alignment of the monochrome sponsor on a third kit in the Austrian Bundesliga. We notice (sometimes) if a team manages to reference the colour of a shirt they wore in 2004, for better or for worse.


A lot of shirt rankings are simply created to generate a few easy clicks, but we want to be different. We want to create a list that serves as a reminder of why you love shirts. Come and go as you please but whatever your opinion, let's keep talking about football kits. Because they’re a lot of fun, and they deserve proper attention.

The format of Top 100 Shirts is simple. Every few days or so we’ll gradually unveil more of the 100, so be sure to check back on here and on FOOTY.COM’s social channels to stay up to date.

So here we go. The 100 best shirts of the year, all in one place. We hope you enjoy the ride.

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100 - Urawa Red Diamonds Home


Striped shirts are not always the easiest design to refresh but Urawa Red Diamonds show here that with a bit of imagination, you can make a stunning striped kit.

The stripes are in two shades of red and are made of diamonds that have been linked together. The diamonds themselves represent every player, supporter and staff member of the club as they are all connected to the club... so in effect, they are 'united diamonds'.

Overall, a great-looking shirt.
- Pedro

99 - Nantes Away


New Balance look a little bit off the pace this year in my eyes, but despite their slump they’ve still produced a bunch of interesting designs. Nantes Away fits into that category, with a two-tone green look featuring a unique wave pattern.

The best thing for me here though is that the design hasn’t been lumped into NB’s widely used template (the one with a block of colour at the top of the shirt).
- Phil

New Balance are known for pushing boundaries in their kit designs and this is no different with their take on FC Nantes away kit this season. Green is traditionally part of the FC Nantes colour palette and often used as the go to choice in away colour so no surprises in the colour of kit here but the wave pattern in design is something different. The marketing material released with the kit tells us that inspiration was taken from previous club badges and the architecture of their stadium (the curvature of the roofs of the stands).

From what I can see this a unique design and something different in appearance, which will not raise any complaints from me, good work all.
- Gavin

98 - Atlético Madrid Away


Let’s be honest, black football shirts are just the bee’s knees. This is a clean and simple design which might seem a little plain to some, but that stunning red detailing really brings the whole thing to life. The crest, sponsors and logos are all integrated seamlessly, and this shirt is more than worthy of sneaking its way onto our list.
- Ben

You can never go wrong with an all black shirt, but you can excel with one - as Atleti have done here. Similar to their 2016 away strip in that all details and accents are the exact same tone, but this time out they are a darker, sharp red. Add in a Hyundai logo to the sleeve, which in my opinion actually compliments the shirt, and you've got a shirt as classy as the team wearing it.
- Chris

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97 - Newport County Away


FBT, huh? I'm impressed... I'm very impressed. The designer has done a fantastic job here and although I'm obviously unaware, I would guess he was a kid during the 80s and 90s, when such patterns reigned supreme. And this does a good job at imitating them while not looking dated. *slow clap* Sue-perb.
- Jack

The Paddy Power effect, eh? The lack of a sponsor really does this shirt a lot of favours, letting us all enjoy that eye-catching graphic without any annoying interruptions. There’s been a retro, nostalgic feel to a lot of the best shirts this year, and this Newport number definitely falls within that 90s throwback category.

Just like last year, this was put together by designer Neal Heard, and I’d be absolutely amazed if they didn’t ask him to get involved again next season. Especially when you consider this isn’t even as strong as the home kit.
- Ben

96 - Stuttgart Third


There has been some collaboration in kit design over recent seasons, however Stuttgart may have one of the more unusual ones which sees them join forces with Jako and Hip Hop group “Fanta 4” (yes, I had to Google them too). The result is a stunning black kit with monochrome white logos / sponsors, including a special logo combing 89/93 which combines the start of Fanta 4 and Stuttgart’s UEFA Cup Final appearance. Black shorts and white socks gives a classical two colour look to this 3rd Kit.
- Gavin

I’m fascinated by sponsor integration on football shirts (sad I know), and this year’s Stuttgart Third has one of the most interesting looking sponsors going.

At first glance, the double-box Mercedes-Benz sponsor looks like corporate overkill. The configuration however pays tribute to Stuttgart shirts of the late 80s and early 90s. It’s a clever tribute, and it just so happens the rest of the shirt is quality too.
- Phil

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95 - Venezia Away


Nike have impressively managed to combine Venezia’s three (slightly clashing) colours to perfection. The white backdrop and break in the stripes for the sponsor keep the shirt tidy and neat, whilst also showing off everything needed in a Venezia shirt.
- Apollo

For a shirt based on a standard Nike Vapor template, this isn’t too shabby at all. The central stripes are clearly the highlight here, displaying the vibrant club colours and breaking up in the centre for that fantastic lettering. It doesn’t really blow me away, but this certainly backs up what has been a very strong year for Italian football shirts.
- Ben

94 - Portland Thorns Home


One of the kit headlines this year has been the superb effort of Nike when it comes to Women’s teams, and one of my favourite such designs can be found over in Portland.

NWSL side Portland Thorns are rocking a red and black shirt which deserves attention. The design (which features a series of red blocks ‘revealing’ a smoke graphic underneath) is clunky and charming at the same time, if that's a possible combination.
- Phil

93 - Lazio Away


Reminiscent of the Manchester City 2013/14 kit, Macron have created a slick design that includes Lazio’s key colours without clashing against the home shirt. However, any Lazio shirt is better with the famous eagle design, although this is a good alternative if Macron refuse to print money.
- Apollo

Lazio’s away kit from Macron is one that takes its inspiration from the past in its design, however I cannot see in my research a Lazio kit taking on this look so it appears to be retro in design only and not based on historical Lazio kits. The white shirt with sky blue / navy blue stripes running down the right hand side (as we look at it) of the shirt is another understated stunner, a theme of the best 2019/20 kits for me. Matched with sky blue shorts and socks give an overall classic look for team on the road this season and can be matched with white shorts and socks as well.

Macron have upped their game over recent seasons with this being one of their best.
- Gavin

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92 - Fluminense Home


This Fluminense shirt is just superb. A great example of keeping a shirt looking clean and fresh.

The colours work perfectly with each other and by having thicker green stripes bordered by thinner white lines on the dark red background, it keeps the classic Fluminense look without looking cluttered and busy. The shirt is finished with an elegant looking collar.

A gorgeous shirt.
- Pedro

The Fluminense Home kit is one of those instantly recognisable kits not just from the Brazilian League but Globally with its famous green and dark red stripes.

This season’s kit manufactured by Under Armour does not deviate from the traditional club colours and stripes but gives us a shirt that is easy on the eye and from what I can see is not one that cluttered with sponsors when used in action (as we often see in with South American teams) this gives the shirt a retro feel especially paired with its classic white shorts and socks.
- Gavin

91 - Zenit Saint Petersburg Home


Zenit's available colour palette has always had the potential to lend to some amazing shirts, yet in recent years for the most part they've been disappointing; that all changes this year. The unique geometrical pattern, in that gorgeous light blue, gives this shirt a definite icy feel - fitting for a team based on the Northeastern Edge of the Baltic Sea.

Russia's current champions have again started this season strongly, and they're doing it looking great too.
- Chris

I wasn’t sure if I liked this shirt at first, but must admit it’s gradually grown on me. The trippy graphic draws inspiration from St Petersburg’s ties to the freezing Baltic Sea, and actually looks a little like ice cracking across the surface. Well, at least it does to me.

Whatever your opinion, I don’t think anyone can accuse Nike of being too safe and boring here.
- Ben

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The Top 100 shirts of 2019 - Table

Rank Shirt Read More
1 Roma Away Part 10: 10-1
2 Barcelona Away Part 10: 10-1
3 Arsenal Home Part 10: 10-1
4 Coventry Home Part 10: 10-1
5 Inter Milan Third Part 10: 10-1
6 Inter Milan Away Part 10: 10-1
7 Cambridge United Away Part 10: 10-1
8 West Ham Away Part 10: 10-1
9 Roma Third Part 10: 10-1
10 AC Milan Home Part 10: 10-1
11 Hull City Home Part 9: 20-11
12 West Ham Home Part 9: 20-11
13 Germany Women Home Part 9: 20-11
14 PSV Away Part 9: 20-11
15 V-Varen Nagasaki Peace Jersey Part 9: 20-11
16 Club America Home Part 9: 20-11
17 Everton Away Part 9: 20-11
18 Tunisia Third Part 9: 20-11
19 England Women Away Part 9: 20-11
20 PSG Third Part 9: 20-11
21 Monaco Away Part 8: 30-21
22 Pescara Away Part 8: 30-21
23 Marseille Fourth Part 8: 30-21
24 France Women Away Part 8: 30-21
25 Ajax Away Part 8: 30-21
26 Go Ahead Eagles Away Part 8: 30-21
27 Western United Away Part 8: 30-21
28 Lille Home Part 8: 30-21
29 Chelsea Third Part 8: 30-21
30 AIK Away Part 8: 30-21
31 Hackney Wick Away Part 7: 40-31
32 Hearts of Oak Home Part 7: 40-31
33 Hackney Wick Home Part 7: 40-31
34 Barcelona Third Part 7: 40-31
35 Vancouver Whitecaps Home Part 7: 40-31
36 Middlesbrough Away Part 7: 40-31
37 Athletic Bilbao Away Part 7: 40-31
38 Derby County Home Part 7: 40-31
39 China Women Away Part 7: 40-31
40 Kaizer Chiefs Home Part 7: 40-31
41 Philadelphia Union Away Part 6: 50-41
42 Sampdoria Home Part 6: 50-41
43 Atlético Tucumán Home Part 6: 50-41
44 Hamburg Home Part 6: 50-41
45 Huesca Third Part 6: 50-41
46 Charlton Away Part 6: 50-41
47 Leones Negros Third Part 6: 50-41
48 Arsenal Away Part 6: 50-41
49 Forward Madison Third Part 6: 50-41
50 Club Puebla Home Part 6: 50-41
51 Valencia Third Part 5: 60-51
52 Manchester City Away Part 5: 60-51
53 Besiktas Home Part 5: 60-51
54 UNAM Pumas Part 5: 60-51
55 Middlesbrough Home Part 5: 60-51
56 Zenit Away Part 5: 60-51
57 Australia Women Home Part 5: 60-51
58 Ecuador Home Part 5: 60-51
59 Ajax Home Part 5: 60-51
60 Coventry Away Part 5: 60-51
61 UNAM Pumas Away Part 4: 70-61
62 1874 Northwich Away Part 4: 70-61
63 Blackburn Away Part 4: 70-61
64 Monchengladbach Third Part 4: 70-61
65 Costa Rica Cup Part 4: 70-61
66 Real Madrid Away Part 4: 70-61
67 RB Reipzig Third Part 4: 70-61
68 Parma Third Part 4: 70-61
69 Fortuna Dusseldorf Third Part 4: 70-61
70 Marseille Away Part 4: 70-61
71 Forest Green Third Part 3: 80-71
72 Spurs Third Part 3: 80-71
73 Dundee United Home Part 3: 80-71
74 Sao Paulo Away Part 3: 80-71
75 West Brom Away Part 3: 80-71
76 Frankfurt Home Part 3: 80-71
77 Mali Away Part 3: 80-71
78 Netherlands Women Home Part 3: 80-71
79 Roma Home Part 3: 80-71
80 Inter Home Part 3: 80-71
81 Venezia Home Part 2: 90-81
82 Schalke Third Part 2: 90-81
83 AGF Aarhus Home Part 2: 90-81
84 Marseille Home Part 2: 90-81
85 Atletico Madrid Third Part 2: 90-81
86 Newport County Home Part 2: 90-81
87 Brazil Cup Part 2: 90-81
88 Schalke Away Part 2: 90-81
89 Charleroi Away Part 2: 90-81
90 Gremio Home Part 2: 90-81
91 Zenit Saint Petersburg Home Part 1: 100-91
92 Fluminense Home Part 1: 100-91
93 Lazio Away Part 1: 100-91
94 Portland Thorns Home Part 1: 100-91
95 Venezia Away Part 1: 100-91
96 Stuttgart Third Part 1: 100-91
97 Newport County Away Part 1: 100-91
98 Atletico Madrid Away Part 1: 100-91
99 Nantes Away Part 1: 100-91
100 Urawa Red Diamonds Home Part 1: 100-91

And just like that we’re 10 shirts into our big countdown.

There are plenty more beautiful kits to come, so strap yourselves in. And in the meantime, if you’re after a shirt at a bargain price, you’ll love our Discount Kits Tracker which picks out the best new deals every week for your enjoyment.

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